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News from the Fastaval Bar

We’ve got some early news from the legendary Fastaval Bar. This year the beast has transformed itself into an Event Bar. Without saying too much, we know the hammer will fall! Read all about it.

BREAKING NEWS: Otto Channel returns

Otto Channel – our resident TV satire experts – returns for Fastaval 2014 to lovingly spank the Danish roleplaying community.

This year you can be a part of deciding what should be on the screen. If you think there is anything in the Danish (or international) roleplaying community that needs a firm satirical spanking, do not hesitate to contact the TV crew on, or leave a message on their Facebookside “Otto Channel”

Already missing last year, or didn’t get a chance to see the shows? Visit the Otto Channel on Vimeo to watch shows from Fastaval ’13 and Forum ’13.

We’re looking forward to satire your boots off!

Programme change: “Lethal Wings” cancelled – All Night Action block changed

Unfortunately, we will not be seeing the roleplaying scenario “Lethal Wings” on Fastaval 2014. Therefore, we have decided to remove the All Night Action block, and let the two other scenarios from the event – “Three Days until Retirement” and “Uwe Boll’s Big Gay Wedding” – participate as standard novella scenarios.

Scenariet “Dødbringende Vinger” er desværre aflyst. Derfor har vi valgt at nedlægge All Night Action-blokken, og i stedet lade de to andre scenarier fra blokken, “Three Days until Retirement” og “Uwe Boll’s Big Gay Wedding”, deltage som almindelig novellescenarier på Fastaval 2014.

Mark Rein·Hagen, the Guest of Honor 2014

Mark Rein-Hagen

Mark Rein·Hagen, a role-playing, card, video and board game designer has been confirmed to be the Guest of Honor on Fastaval 2014. He is best known as the creator of Vampire: The Masquerade, he is one of the original two designers of Ars Magica (along with Jonathan Tweet). The American designer is currently based on Tbilisi, Gerorgia.

Fastaval veterans might remember that Rein·Hagen has previously been visiting Fastaval in 1994. Rein·Hagen is delighted to return and his program will be confirmed closer to the event.

In 2012 Rein·Hagen worked on a card game called Democracy: Majority Rules (Make Believe Games), that was successfully funded by Kickstarter in November 2012. Rein·Hagen has taken his love and study of politics to create a game of power struggles, debate, politics and diplomacy. Players play an activist, a power broker, or the leader of a political party – someone who organizes campaigns, games the system and wins elections.

Mark Rein·Hagen is currently working on a new roleplaying game on Kickstarter called I AM ZOMBIE (Make Believe Games), where the players are the Zombies instead of the humans hunting Zombies. The idea for the game rose from the book I AM ZOMBIE printed in 1962, about a covert community of plague bearers living in the cracks and recesses of the modern world. “I AM ZOMBIE is a roleplaying game of horror and survival, set in a twisted version of the modern world, layered with secrets and mysteries”, describes the Kickstarter website.

This visit has been made possible by Østerskov Efterskole, and even if Mark Rein·Hagen is Guest of Honor of Fastaval, he is also praised visitor of the boarding school. Fastaval is extraordinarily happy about this arrangement which continues the cooperation between the convention and Østerskov Efterskole in Hobro, the roleplaying capital of Denmark.


2012: Make Believe Games: Democracy Card Game
1996: VTDA: Vampire: The Dark Ages Rulebook
1991: VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade Rulebook

1991: VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade Rulebook
Vampire: The Masquerade’s Book of the Damned
Werewolf: The Apocalypse’s Rite of Passage

Original Concept and Design
1995: MTAs: Mage: The Ascension Second Edition

Storyteller Creator and Contributors
1999: HTR: Hunter Survival Guide

Storyteller Game System
2009: HTV: Spirit Slayers
2004: MTAs: Ascension (book)
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Verbena
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Sons of Ether
2003: MTAs: Forged by Dragon’s Fire
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Order of Hermes
2003: MTAs: The Infinite Tapestry
2003: MTAs: Dead Magic II: Secrets and Survivors
2003: MTAs: The Fallen Tower: Las Vegas
2002: MTAs: Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Counci
2002: MTAs: Mage Storytellers Handbook
2002: Aberrant: Aberrant: Underworld
2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Hollow Ones
2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Euthanatos
2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers
2002: VTM: Guide to the Anarchs
2002: MTAs: Convention Book: Iteration X
2001: MTAs: Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy
2001: Adventure!: Adventure! Rulebook
1999: Aberrant: Aberrant Rulebook
1999: Aberrant: Aberrant Rulebook (limited)
1999: Trinity: Trinity Rulebook (softcover)
1997: Trinity: Trinity Rulebook
1997: Trinity: Trinity Rulebook (limited)
1996: VTDA: Vampire: The Dark Ages Rulebook
1995: MTAs: Mage: The Ascension Second Edition
2000: WTA: A World of Rage

Vampire: The Masquerade Creator
2011: VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
2011: VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (Grand Masquerade)
2005: VTR: Ordo Dracul (book)
1996: VTDA: Vampire: The Dark Ages Rulebook

World of Darkness Creation
2012: CTL: Victorian Lost
2011: WOD: Glimpses of the Unknown
2009: GTS: Geist: The Sin-Eaters Quickstart
2005: VTR: Ordo Dracul (book)
2005: VTR: City of the Damned: New Orleans
2004: MTAs: Ascension (book)
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Verbena
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Sons of Ether
2003: MTAs: Forged by Dragon’s Fire
2003: MTAs: Tradition Book: Order of Hermes
2003: MTAs: The Infinite Tapestry
2003: MTAs: Dead Magic II: Secrets and Survivors
2003: MTAs: The Fallen Tower: Las Vegas
2002: MTAs: Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council
2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Hollow Ones
2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Euthanatos
2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers
2002: MTAs: Convention Book: Iteration X
2001: MTAs: Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy
1996: VTDA: Vampire: The Dark Ages Rulebook
2006: PTC: Promethean: The Created Rulebook
2002: VTM: Guide to the Anarchs

1991: VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade Rulebook

Additional Design and material
1996: VTDA: Vampire: The Dark Ages Rulebook
1994: MTAs: The Book of Shadows: The Mage Players Guide

1996: VTDA: Vampire: The Dark Ages Rulebook
1991: VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade Rulebook
Vampire: The Masquerade’s Book of the Damned
Werewolf: The Apocalypse’s Werewolf: The Apocalypse Second Edition
Wraith: The Oblivion’s The Face of Death

More about Mark Rein·Hagen:

Program change: ”RPG Battles – Roleplayer of the year” af Morten Jaeger

The scenario “Parapsykologen” has unfortunately been canceled. Instead, we have the pleasure of announcing Helcon* for Fastaval 2014: “RPG Battles – Roleplayer of the year” by Morten Jaeger is a roleplaying adaptation of the US talent show The Voice. During three shows participants will fight under the expert guidance and protection of their star coaches to win the title  ‘Roleplayer of the Year Fastaval 2014’ in front of an enthusiastic audience. It will be crazy!

*What is Helcon, you ask? We really cannot tell you. We can only show you. It’s crazy! It’s immersive! It never stops.

Fastaval returns to Hobro

It’s with great pleasure that Fastaval can announce that in 2014 we will be returning to Mariagerfjord Gymnasium og Hobro Idrætscenter, in what is quickly becoming the center of Danish roleplay: the city of Hobro. We’re looking forward to returning to the city, one of the best locations that Fastaval have had in many years.

This will be the third year in a row that Mariagerfjord Gymnasium during easter will be home to world class scenarios, new board games, tabletop, talks, workshops and much more. In short: Denmark’s largest role playing convention: Fastaval.

Fastaval is as always held in easter: 16. – 20. of april 2014

Jury found for the Fastaval Board Game competionen

The head judge in Fastaval’s competition for designer board games, Morten Greis Petersen, has gathered his team of judges. Their task is to find the best of the 16 submitted games and honor it with the “Boardgame of the Year” award at this year’s Otto Show.

Apart from Morten, the judges are:

  • Bo Jørgensen (editor at
  • Rikkelara Nielsen (freelance boardgamer)
  • Peter Brichs (writer at
  • Jeanette J. G. Pinderup (co-organizer of the Fastaval board game café)

Read more about Morten’s thought behind the selection of judges on his blog “Stemmen fra Ådalen” (note: Danish).

Morten Greis Petersen

Morten Greis Petersen

Bo Jørgensen

Bo Jørgensen

Rikkelara Nielsen

Rikkelara Nielsen

Peter Brichs

Peter Brichs

Jeanette J. G. Pinderup

Jeanette J. G. Pinderup

Fastaval 2014: Board game teasers

For the third year in a row Fastaval presents freshly designed boardgames – designed especially for you by some of the sharpest and most creative “board game brains” around. This year we got sent 29 promising board game ideas, of which we chose 16 to participate in the run for the “Boardgame of the Year” Otto Award. Every one of them will thus be playable at Fastaval 2014.

Below are 16 small teasers to get you drooling. There’s something for everyone and we have great expectations for the final outcomes:

Fight to Survive
Allan Jacobsen
Card driven miniature-martial arts fighting game for 2-5 players.
Each player has a unique character, which resembles all those we love: Van Damme, Karate Kid, wrestlers and ninjas! Will you play the Crane Kick or make a Traning Montage? Will you make a Tombstone Piledriver or pick up the weapon, that the crowd had thrown on the field?
Let the Fight To Survive begin!

Andreas Ravn Skovse, Martin Lindhardt & Mads Havshøj
The heroes come riding into town, covered in dragon blood and with their pockets full of gold, calling for new swords and shields. Other, more wimpy heroes whimper for bows and leather coats.
I the town’s four smithies, a hotheaded competition flares. Each smith attempts to be the first to cover the needs of the heroes and thus earn honor for their smithy.
Mastersmith is a eurogame, not just with worker placement but with super worker placement!

A Search For Home
Asbjørn Olsen
An army of aliens has attacked and destroyed the Earth, and now the last few ships must find a new home without being destroyed by the alien fleet.
A Search for Home is a quick coop game for 3-5 players, focusing on communication – or the lack of same. The player’s only means of communication is colored tokens – but no one knows what they mean initially!

Bjarke Christensen & Rasmus Wichmann
DreadStreets is a miniature war game with roleplaying elements, combining action, humor and epic stunts, which creates a proper ”swashbuckler” feel. Who will first get his group through the city, and who looks the best doing it?
Each player has a gang of five characters, each with character sheets, dice and action cards. The game takes place on a three dimensional board (with up to three levels of elevation), which represent crumbling ruins.

An Old Tweed Jacket and a Deerstalker
Daniel Skjold Pedersen
An Old Tweed Jacket and a Deerstalker – a dice game where you roll anything but the dice.
In An Old Tweed Jacket and a Deerstalker players are 18th century British nobles whose most beloved pastime is hunting. Strategically exploring the turn-the-die action selection system, players build up the animal population around their castles and practice hunting skills for the upcoming hunting season. When the hunting season begins, players in turn invite all nobles to their castle for the hunt, whose outcome is determined by rolling animal meeples. The winner of the game is the player who is the most successful hunter.

Frederik Berg & Rasmus Høgdall
“The King is dead. The gap leaves the fate of the kingdom to a group of bitter rivals who must find a new puppet to place on the throne. But who will become the puppet¬ on the throne? The fight goes on, while the peasants plan on storming the castle with torches and pitchforks, and your allies plan on stabbing you in the back.”
Resource management, maps, traitors and a mob of peasants dreaming of a better future without despots [shudders]! Play the game of intrigue, become number 2, the Kingmaker, and win!

New Metro
Jeppe Norsker
Something went wrong, when they dug the new metro. The tracks are a mess, but Management demands the metro runs immediately. The passengers must get to their destinations, so you’ll just have to do it as best you can. Each player is responsible for a metro train, which they help along by changing the tracks switches. But can they keep up? The player who first trans¬port his passengers to their destinations, is the winner.

Johannes Følsgaard
[insert picture in your mind of attractive young & drunk people].
Reality is a social cardgame in the style of “Werewolf”. It’s for 8-16 people and with a duration of approx. 30-45 min.
In Reality the player takes on the role of a reality star in a TV-show like Paradise Hotel. With the use of alliances, intrigue, and their young bodies they fight for the $1.000.000 price.

Johannes Sjolte
Burn or be burnt!
Midsummer is not far off. All the old withces are sitting on their brooms on their way to the highpoint of the year, Heksaval at Brocken. In a dusty corner stands one, old broom – so only the best of the ”young” witches will get to fly to Brocken to be part of the annual Heksaval. To make matters worse, the villagers want a proper with for their St. John’s Fire this year…instead of making due with a strawman like last year. Duel against the other witches in the noble (or nasty) art of witch brewing. Make potions and sabotage your sisters’ brews.
A quick and fun “gotcha” card game.

Den næste diktator
Kasper Lapp
The fall of a dictator is inevitable. It is only a question about time. As a member of High Command, it is about time to make a decision: Will you amass a fortune in Swizz bank accounts and run off to an island in the South Pacific?
Or will you increase your fortune and stock of arms and take up the fight to become the next dictator?
Nerve wrecking and uncompromising game of bluffing

Cults of Arkham
Mads Brynnum
Cults of Arkham is a game that turns Lovecraft’s mythos upside down. You are not the heroes trying to defend the world against unspeakable horrors. You are not the good guys. Instead, the game puts you in the role of the insane cultists, whose only goal it is to bring upon the End of the World.
A game where your options are limited by the dice, but if you want to do more, you can sacrifice a fragment of your sanity, look a little deeper into the face of your god and try again. Or put differently; as the game progresses, each player’s cultists will acquire spills and equipment, which makes them more powerful, but it will also be more and more difficult to get them to do exactly what you want.

Dig For Victory
Mads Fløe
In Dig For Victory, players must semi-cooperatively grow vegetables to keep their own families surviving during World War II, whilst carefully choosing when to use their minimal supply of rations.
Dig For Victory is not about the powers of war, it’s about every day families facing the consequences of war – of dealing with feelings of powerlessness.

Honour Among Thieves
Martin Enghoff
A group of master thieves are working together to make a series of heists. But is there enough trust between them to succeed when they all plan on emerging as the richest when the dust settles? In Honour Among Thieves you have to get the other players to trust you and then either betray them at the right time or profit on them betraying each other.

Critical Mass – a dice building game
Morten Weilbach
Critical Mass is a fast paced dice game for 2 – 4 players, with a playing time of 15 – 30 min. Players compete in enriching radioactive raw materials, represented by different dice. The aim is to achieve critical mass and thereby produce the extremely rare, radioactive noble gas Ununoctium. Each player must adjust his enrichment strategy as the game progresses, since the radioactive materials have different properties that can be utilized to advance the enrichment and build the critical mass needed to win.

I, Magus
Nathan Hook
“You are a magus, setting out on your quest for magical power. It may lead you through dusty books to study the secrets of magic, to conduct lab experiments to create artifacts of wonder, and to quest into the wilder world. Treat with the old powers of faerie and the mythic beasts of legend – or crush the energy out of them. Meddle with the peasants in the fields, the mundane lords in their castles or the priests of the church. Entreat with other magi for their secret lore, or duel them if they stand in your way. You are magus, the wizard, the sorcerer. Let the world tremble beneath thee.”
The game is partly inspired by the seasonal downtime system from the Ars Magica tabletop RPG. Heavy trading and interaction is encouraged, with almost everything being tradable between the players. Wizards do not kill each other (no one knocked out until the end), but can resolve their disputes by magical duel. There are multiple different paths to winning, from ascending to the rank of archmage, to shedding humanity and becoming a faerie power, to achieving lichdom

(Son of) Postapocalyptic Cybovelociraptor of Doom [arbejdstitel]
Troels Vastrup
Locked up at a abandoned car cementary with a voracious velociraptor, the players must cooperate to survive under the setting sun.
A realtime action, but at the same time tactical coop-game. People will be yelling at each other, them self and at the awesome plastic dinosaur – but she will be listening! When the gamers talk IRL, Rapto will know were they are. But without talking, how will they coordinate against a superiour enemy?

Over the top setting
+ Panic & thinking
+ AI enemy
+ Quick & with hight replayability
= Awesome!

Fastaval 2014: Scenario teasers

We are proud to present the 33 scenarios that will be on the roleplaying program on Fastaval 2014.

Classic scenarios:

2157, by Niels Jensen, Anders Troelsen and Thomas Skuldbøl: Action sci-fi, Mass Effect-style, packed with drama, xenophobia, tough choices and semi-automatic grenade launchers.

30 sølvpenge (30 Silver pieces), by Thor Fejerskov Jensen: A bleak story about four Templars journey from Jerusalem to Rome. With them they have Judas Iskariots 30 silver pieces and on the way they will learn of the corrupting effect of the cursed coins.

Aktindsigt (Personal Files), by Max Møller: A player driven drama, where the daughter in a family of alcoholics seeks acces to her personal files dating back to the time, where she and her siblings were taken away by social services. The files forces the family to confront their past.

Alice, by Nina Runa Essendrop: Dream and Reality battles for Alices world view, with the underlying threat of tearing her world completely apart in this dark and absurd scenario.

All for One (and Metal for Me), by Klaus Meier Olsen:  Devil signs, crazy riffs, tight tight tight leather pants and extreme stage props, when Fastaval turns it up to 11 and goes all Anvil/Spinal Tap.

Birkenau, by Jonas Sanberg Jensen:  Intense Kz drama about a group of Jewish musicians fight for survival in the Birkenau concentration camp.

Blood Bowl, by Louis Kehlet and Louise Floor Frellssen: A varied group of Blood Bowl teams fights for the much sought after trophy, but can they keep their eyes on the prize, when chaos gathers its forces outside the playing field? Proudly presented by Bloodweiser and Orcidas.

Damptripodernes Skygge (In the Shadow of the steam tripods), by Stefan Lægteskov: The fate of the World lies in the hands of the Illuminati’s elite agents, in this steam punk race across Europe, in the shadow of the doomsday clock.

Din Medieluder (You Media whore), by Marie Wolfsberg Oscilowski: What will you sacrifice to keep the fleeting fame that comes with participating in a reality show?

En fandens historie: I krigstid gør Djævelen plads i helvede (A Hell of a Story: In war times the Devil makes room in Hell), by Jakob Ponsgaard og Jorgo A. Larsen: Five young soldiers in the trenches gets a visit from the Devil right before the big push. He offers them an escape. All they have to do, is to gamble with their past, in a game of who dies and who lives to see the next day.

Fordømt ungdom (Damned Youth), by Lars Andresen og Mette Finderup: Old feelings, unresolved issues and broken dreams are brought back when eight former class mates meets for the first time since graduation. A serious drama with tragi-comical undertones.

Fredløs (Outlaw), by Simon Steen Hansen and Anders Frost Bertelsen: When the mysterious outlaws kidnaps their families and friends a group of simple villagers must go on a long and costly quest in this classic fantasy drama.

Galaxisk Ekko (Galaxic Echoes), by Troels Ken Pedersen:  Grand Space opera and time travel drama about the clash of two realities and two people conflicts with themselves.

Historier fra Bona: Robotten (Stories from Bona: The Robot), by Jesper Bisgaard, René Toft and Ulrik Høyer Kold: Melancholic low-fi science fiction, set in alternate reality Sweden in 1984 and 1993. Through two novellas about the mechanical mind in the great out door landscapes we experience the story about two pairs of siblings and a big farm robot build for rural tasks.

I love Ana, by Frederik Berg: A terrible love story about a group of people who are so very in love with Ana. But it’s hard to love Ana, the way Ana wants to be loved, and the group must help and support each other to gain her affection.

I Say a Little Prayer, by Tor Kjetil Edland: A powerful drama about love, friendship and death among five friends, set in the early 80s right when the AIDS epidemic hit New York.

Jesus Jesus Jesus, by Rasmus Høgdall: In the 1950s a psychologist tried to cure people with delusions by putting them in the same room as others who thought they were the same person. He chose three Jesuses…

Manden med barnevognen (The man with the pram), by Alex K. Uth: On a warm summer nights in suburbia somewhere in Denmark, a man pushes an empty pram around. Every night.  An evocative horror story about one mans personal nightmare.  

Mattanza, by Anders Skovgaard-Petersen: Five Sicilian men’s lifelong rivalry escalates on the annual hunt for tuna. Who carries the most grudge?

Narzula City Noir, af Johannes Busted Larsen: Ensemble scenario from the pits of Narzula City, where whore, thieves and cut purses crosses each other’s paths in the city’s dark underbelly.  

Parapsykologen (The Parapsycologist), by Morten Greis Petersen: Techniques and play mechanics are tested in this empathic scenario about the occult and the hunt for evidence of a life after death,

Run Them Again, by Moyra Turkington og Brand Robins:  The value of human life, odds of survival and ice cold calculation, in space, where only you fellow players can hear you scream.

Summers of Love, by Kristoffer Apollo and Kristoffer Rudkjær: The story of the 60s told in three separate novellas, where the different characters cross each other’s path over three summers of love and revolution.

Vi var hvepse (We were Wasps), by Ann Kristine Eriksen: Character-driven WW2 drama about war, friendship and surival. We meet four female pilots and friends on their last journey across the Atlantic and relive their stories.


Faye, by Asbjørn Olsen: Dystopian history of Faye, the robot repair man and EVE C-30, a sex robots, intense but also impossible love.   

I den dybe, mørke, mærkelige skov (In the deep, dark and weird forest), by Asbjørn Olsen and others:  The nano scenario format arrives at Fastaval, where you can experience 10 postcard-size scenarios.

Juice Academy, by Kasper Mosekjær: Comedy of intrigue and backstabbing when a bunch of hip young men fights for the gig as juicer at the Worlds coolest juice bar.

King Wen’s Tower, af Emily Care Boss:  Politics, drama and wuxia action in the final, and futile, struggle for survival of six Chinese warring states in the 3rd century.

Nazi Zombies of World War I, by Troels Ken Pedersen:  How do you make World War I even more grim, atrocious and wild? The answer is, as in so many other cases; nazi zombies!

Paninaro, by Kristian Bach Petersen and Oliver Nøglebæk: While four scheming designers fight for victory in the Paninaro fashion show, the players’ battles in new and creative ways, to make their models the winner on the cat walk.

All Night Action

Dødbringende Vinger (Deadly Wings), by Peter og Kamilla Brichs; Longlegged baby carriers in epic action extravaganza.

Three Days until Retirement, by Stuart Keating:  Action packed homage to iconic blockbusters like Beverly Hills Cop, Die Hard and Lethal Weapons.

Uwe Boll’s Big Gay Wedding, by Evan Torner and Kat Jones:  The world’s worst director takes on a wedding comedy with disastrous result. Expect miscasting, over the top homosexuality, terrible dialog and even worse CGI effects.