Marie is gone. To save her, her four friends travel through the ruins of the city of Odense, that has been ravaged by diseases and chaos. But how will the four of them change during their journey?

Keywords: Interpersonal drama – Tough choices – Flashbacks

Everything is gone: The people they knew… the Internet… running water… Marie. After the anti-vaxxers gained the ear of the public, and trust in public institutions evaporated, diseases and chaos spread quickly.

The scenario plays out as an interpersonal drama in and around a dystopic and hostile future version of the city of Odense, in the year 2028. The twins Cecilia and Jasper, Cecilia’s boyfriend Christian, and Christian’s best friend Louise, must find Marie, who has been kidnapped by the paramilitary organisation Guardian Angels. Along the way, they realise that the goal of the journey is not just finding Marie, but also finding out who they as people have become. ‘2028’ deals with the group’s handling of a series of brutal dilemmas on their journey. Will they stand firm on their core values, or compromise to get by in the new world?

As a player, you will be given pictures, notes, and flash-back scenes to get to know who your character and the group were. But it’s up to you who your character is when Denmark shows itself from its darkest side, and old wounds are reopened.

About the author:
Katrine is a first time writer for Fastaval and loves interpersonal drama. Over the years, she has co-written and organized a number of larps, including the “Victorious”-series, the changeling triology “Lost in Dublin” and the vampire campaign “The city of Kings”.

About the scenario:
Number of players: 4 players and 1 GM
Play time: 4 hours
Age limit: 16+
Language of player materials: Danish and English
Language of GM materials: Danish
Amount of reading: 3 pages