Dream’s siblings journey to find their lost brother. But as they travel through the world of dreams it shifts to be a place of nightmares and their own roles in all of it are as changing as the nature of dreams itself.

Players/GM 4 players + 1 facilitator

Time 4 hours

Language English and Danish

Age limit 18+

How much do you have to read About two pages 

  • Sandman

  • Dream Journey

  • Apocalypse


A Dream of Nothing is a surreal apocalyptic tale set in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe. Here we follow The Endless, god-like embodiments of concepts, who affect every living creature. The central person Dream has gone missing – lost in his own realm, The Dreaming. While he is gone, the humanity’s nightmares about the end of the world increase with catastrophic consequences as the border between dreams and reality starts to break. The players follow Dream’s siblings; Death, Desire, Delirium and Despair as the venture into The Dreaming to save their missing brother and restore the balance to the world.

The scenario consists of very different scenes where the players navigate through a series of apocalyptic nightmares, and is aimed for people who enjoy to create stories together, and aren’t afraid to improvise in situations where there are no clear solutions. In dreams, anything can happen…

The designer

Piotr (as well as many others) sees Sandman as one of the great works of modern literature and hopes to do it justice with this scenario. In daily life he works as a project manager, runs and dreams.