Behind Fastaval

Fastaval is a 5-day convention filled with games of every kind. As a participant on Fastaval, you have the opportunity to try both the newest games and the classics, and to be a part of the creative atmosphere surrounding games of every kind.

The very first Fastaval was first held in 1986, as Sankt Anna Gade Skole in Århus, Denmark. Back then, the signup sheet only filled one page, and was written on a typewriter. You had to bring your own food, and there wasn’t a café or a bar – a lot of the things we’ve come to know and love have arrived during the later years.

With the exception of 1988, we’ve held a Fastaval every single year. Since 1992, we’ve had Fastaval during the Danish Easter break. 2011 was the first year we didn’t have Fastaval in Århus, and in 2013 we had our first Fastaval in Hobro, at Mariager Fjord Amtsgymnasium.