About ALEA

ALEA is the association behind Fastaval. ALEA’s duty is to make sure that the roleplaying event Fastaval is organised annually and that resources accumulated during the previous years are not lost. The board of the association points the Fastaval General each year, who then puts together a organizer team for the convention.

Also, ALEA has the overall responsibility for organising the needed activities after and before each Fastaval, like knowledge sharing, the home page, contact to government authorities, storing equipment and handling the economy behind the event. 


Besides a nice discount on your entrance fee for Fastaval, joining Alea will hopefully help Fastaval in the long run. Last year Fastaval did not receive a single coin of government funding. If the participants at Fastaval are members of the association organising it, it might be possible to receive government funding. A large member base would also give us a bigger say when dealing with public authorities (such as being allowed to use public buildings for venues).


An ALEA membership costs 75 DKK. You will be able to sign up for membership through the Fastaval sign-up. Membership runs for one year.

As a member of ALEA, your entrance fee to Fastaval is reduced.


  • Chairman: Ole Sørensen
  • Vice chairman: Jonas Glad
  • Treasurer: Andreas Skovse
  • Secretary: Martin Lindhardt
  • Member: Peter Lind
  • 1. alternate: Jesper Lindhard
  • 2. alternate: Laura Gerlev Hansen

Contact:  alea@fastaval.dk


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