Head Organizers 2017

The Head Organizers of Fastaval are called The Bunker. The General, is the main organizer of all Fastaval, and is the person with the best grasp of the big picture of all the things we need to hold Fastaval, and the person in charge of gathering the rest of the Head Organizers.

The Bunker for Fastaval 2017

  • 10348901_10152526971798816_6850100881169626479_o

    Astrid S. Andersen – General
  • 11143614_10152824556076194_7443122822891049428_o

    Simon Steen Hansen – Activities
  • 210825_4549264294368_42815138_o

    Martin Lindhardt – Service and Logistics
  • 11143711_10153368383778150_1850253841734662942_n

    Kristoffer Nyrup – Service and Logistics

  • Christian Antonsen – Info Boss
  • received_10212150620583466
    Mathias Østrup Jensen – Info
  • Ida Kirstine Jensen – Kommunikation
  • 412983_10151624514202165_932051686_o (1)

    Peter Brichs – Communications
  • 10636214_10152527070242087_2575202421441072189_n

    Charles Bo Nielsen – Shadow General

Contact the Bunker

You can always send us an email on bunker@fastaval.dk or info@fastaval.dk if you want to get a hold on one of us. If you want to contact Astrid, who is this years General, you can send her an e-mail at general@fastaval.dk.

The Head Organizers have a Google Calender, where you can follow along with what we’re doing. It has an overview of all our meetings, and the most important deadlines. You can see (and subscribe to) our calendar by pressing this link.