Participating in Fastaval:
Entrance is free if you are under the age of 13

Entrance, 24 hours 65 DKK
Entrance, all days 215 DKK
Entrance, all days (young) 160 DKK
Entrance, all days (crew) 160 DKK
Fastaval Junior 100 DKK
Alea membership (Read more) 75 DKK

Accomodation (shared dormitory)

One night  65 DKK
All nights 190 DKK
All nights (crew)  115 DKK
Renting a mattress (dormitories only) 100 DKK

Food and party

Breakfast per day  25 DKK
Dinner per day  55 DKK
Entrance to the Otto party  90 DKK
A bottle of champagne for your table (16+years)  110 DKK
A bottle of wine (red/white) for your table (16+years) 80 DKK

Wear (See more):

T-shirt (participant) 125 DKK
T-shirt (crew) 95 DKK
T-shirt (Junior) 115 DKK
Crew T-shirt (Junior) 95 DKK
Hoodie 275 DKK
Mug 65 DKK
Shopping bag with motive 65 DKK


Some activities may have a cost, this will be specified in the sign-up