A lot of other things than the new-design scenarios and board games happens at Fastaval. There will be talks, workshops, competitions and more or less spontaneous parties (“room parties”) – and then off cause a lot of good old board games and scenarios from previous years!

Some activities require that you sign up for them, you find he sign up here.

Here you can read about all the scheduled activities – but you can also just hang out in Otto’s coffeehouse, grab a drink in “the Oasis” or a beer in the Bar, and see what happens.


Roleplay Workshop Board Games
Dream Askew Big Talk Conversation Party Carcassonne Contest 2
Hinterlandet Dværgebryggeriet Design Wisdom From Elsewhere Catan Contest 2
Nechronica Designing Queer Games Caylus
Pathfinder Society Paizo Organized Play Game Rush 2 Clank
Monsterhearts 2 Scenarieskrivningskonkurrence Danish Board Game design
Rerun – One Hell of a Story Scenario Writing Contest Flamme Rouge
Rerun – Fifteen Men 3G Storytelling – Talk and Q&A – by Ask Agger Gaia Project
Rerun – Vasen Road Game Rush finale
Rerun – Vigilante: Justified Revenge Pandemic Survival
Starfinder Society, Paizo Organized Play Scythe
X-wing Miniatures 2
Designer board game reruns
Live Rolleplay Figure games Magic
Fight of the Battle Penguins Fastawar Magic Draft
Magic Duel Commander 1 vs 1
Magic Masters 25 Draft
Magic, Twoheaded Giant, Sealed
Magic, Unstable Draft
New at Fastaval
Introtour – Help I’m New
Foto af Jacob S Nielsen

Photo by Jacob S Nielsen


Photo by Simon Pettitt

Photo by Simon Pettitt

Foto af Bo Jørgensen

Photo by Bo Jørgensen