Fastaval is a five-day convention with plenty of chances to try something new, but also some of the old classics as well as the chance to be a part of the creative atmosphere surrounding games of every kind.

For example …

Roleplaying games

See the roleplaying games for Fastaval 2018

Roleplaying is a big thing at Fastaval. Every year, a diverse crowd of writers – veterans as well as debutantes – create Denmarks’ best roleplaying games specifically for Fastaval.

We have everything from classic roleplaying experiences about beating monsters in a  cave, or surviving on a space station – but you’ll also find social commentary, comedies, historical scenarios, daring experiments. Basically everything, you might be able to think of.

Board Games

Photo by Bo Jørgensen

Photo by Bo Jørgensen

Fastaval loves board games! We host an growing crowd of game designers who showcase their brand new games at Fastaval. Previous years have included classic Worker Placement games about smiths in a Fantasy-city, the game of Crocket translated to a board game, and even games in which you have to be blindfolded, hold your fellow players’ hands, and control your spaceship through outer space.

We also have a huge board game café, with hundreds of classic games, such as Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride, newer games such as Eldritch Horror and Star Wars: Armada – but also some more unknown games  like Shadow Hunters or Camp Roskilde. In other words, something for everyone.

The Otto Awards

Read more about the Ottos

The Otto Awards. Photographer: Simon Pettitt

Sunday evening, after we’ve played the last game, it’s time for for the Otto Awards. Both the roleplaying games and the board games made for Fastaval will be honored with golden penguin statuettes for Best Game, Most Innovative Board Game and loads of other awards.

Behind the awards, we have a panel of judges (all of whom are experienced board- and roleplayers). The Otto Awards is a tribute for the huge job it is to write a well made, cohesive game – and to the creative melting pot that is Fastaval.

Everything else

But Fastaval is so much more…

Besides the games, we have workshops, design competitions, honorary guests from the international board- and roleplaying scene, Café Duck Soup with delicious cocktails and microbrews, the kiosk with toasts and snacks to feed an army, the bar with beer on tap through the night – and, not least, 700 of your best friends.

We can’t wait to see you – Welcome home. Welcome to Fastaval.