Board games 2017

Alcubierre by Morten Barklund

Science has finally realized the Alcubierre drive enabling interstellar travel faster than light. However a huge amount of energy and money is required and only a well-managed company can succeed.

Architects of Reality by Morten Brøsted

Secret organizations plots secret agendas with world-changing consequences, in an alternative Europe from the 1200’s to now. The organizations manipulate the thought patterns of the populace concerning Science, Magic, Religion and Myths, thereby changing the paradigms for what’s possible.

Claim to Fame by Morten Jaeger & Rasmus Høgdall

Claim to Fame is an easy-to-play card game about promoting celebrities through top stories in various media. It’s a ‘beer and pretzels game’ with a storytelling engine.

Dwarves and Diamonds by Sofie Liv Støvelbæk

Everyone knows that gemstones are magical, and that it takes the right kinds of gems to craft a magical item. When a necromancer raises his Staff of Doom to the skies and cackles demonically or a paladin triumphantly slays a dragon using a Holy Sword, they came from somewhere.

Holiday Resort by Kåre Werner Storgaard

Holiday Resort is a family card game where the players compete to create the fanciest holiday resort while attracting tourists and gaining the best star rating.

Kingmaker by Kåre Torndahl Kjær

The King is dead and a new will be elected among the noble families in the Valley. But as any clever advisor will tell you; the true power does not rest with the King but the noble who made him. By those words begin the struggle for power – as King or Kingmaker!

Le Mans Team Manager by Morten Lund

The iconic 24 Heures du Mans is the world’s toughest track race event: reaching almost 3500 miles in 24 hours puts a grueling strain on both men and materiel.

“If you want to finish first, first you have to finish”

Pizza Delivery af Lars Wagner Hansen

In Pizza Delivery each player controls a pizza delivery boy, al working for the same pizzeria. Who will deliver the most and best pizzas before the delivery boy run out of time or energy?

Ragnarok by Sven Strandbygaard

Ragnarok (the viking apocalypse) is upon the world; giants, asir og humans vie for dominance in Midgard, Asgard, Jotunheim og Niflheim as well as influence in various power centres.

Skycities by Allan Kirkeby

You are a mayor-captain of a Skycity airship. In 12 months the queen will choose the best among the Skycities to become the new capital city. Your city must win that honor!

Snake Shadows by Jeppe Norsker

This intense and fun game puts challenging spatial puzzles into a social and competitive context.

Z by Mads Brynnum

Z is a zombie game. Another zombie game. But it’s a zombie game where you’ll finally get to use all your knowledge about the living dead, and a game you can start playing without learning rules: something that leaves more room for story.