Fastaval board games 2018

It has been extremely difficult to select the games for Fastaval this year. We received 46 pitches of a generally high standard. We have selected 17 games based on a number of criteria. First and foremost we have put together a very varied menu of games for Fastavals participants. We have prioritised games with new and unique ideas – and at the same time we have considered whether the game would be finished before Fastaval 2018. And finally we wanted a mix of experienced designers and new faces at Fastaval.

At Fastaval 2018 you can look forward to playing:

7 Days by Tina Christensen, Camilla Dalsgaard, Claes William Hart Schütt & Troels Vastrup

A divine dice drafting game where you create a world, it’s inhabitants and finally populate the world – with dice.

Abstract Network by Jonas Lidstrøm Isegrim

A brainburner of a microgame where players race to be first to create their pattern using the game’s 12 special cards.

Antasia by Otto P Jensen

A co-op requiring safe hands. A handful of insects brave the forests dangerous and movable obstacles.

ClockDown by Floyd Pretz

Reveal the traitor in your midst by throwing a giant die at them.

Dungeon Contractor by Kaare Torndal Kjær

Who will build the most effective dungeon for the demanding dungeon owner – before the annoying adventurers show up and ruin everything?

EvL by Ethan Weber

Memory, observation and deduction are the ingredients in a game about an evil ritual where you can only see, draw or play one card in each round.

Galskab by Anders Fischer Riber

A co-op where the players build a mental hospital and develop new, insane but historically accurate treatments while balancing budget, reputation and deaths.

Gidslet by Jeppe Norsker

A dark and sinister nordic noir peppered with obscure rituals and human sacrifice which players solve using cards while a smartphone keeps track of rules, hints, codes and time.

Move it! by Sofie Støvelbæk

Can you push your opponents dancers out of the arena with cool moves, keep the audience happy and predict both your teammates and opponents actions?

Omega Fighters 3000 by Simon & Lillian Chiassai

A chaotic battle where each team control a giant monster together. Unfortunately, each team member controls a separate part of the monster (arms, legs, etc.) and can’t talk to each other.

Parts pr million by Aske Christiansen

A political game about the escalating climate crisis. You have to both secure the development of your country and collaborate with the other political leaders to complete the green transition before it’s too late.

Psyberwar by Jamie Brown

A contemporary Twilight Struggle where Russia and the USA battle for power over Europa using propaganda, disinformation and corruption while simultaneously managing their internal stability.

Rising Sands by Daniel Skjold Pedersen & Asger Harding Granerud

A classic dungeon crawl, but one where you have to think fast, react fast, and coordinate on the fly to escape in the nick of time or cooperate to kill the final boss.

Snow Madness by Jost Hansen and Thomas Felding

Who gets farthest up the mountain and who loses their mind and ruins it for everyone?

The Last Clans by Stefan Hansson

The clan leaders explore the hostile fantasy world, strengthen their villages and attempt to unite the clans before winter and the monsters come.

Windjammer by Allan Kirkeby

Players sail out to explore a new world, build settlements on newly discovered islands and battle or trade with other players.

Witch hunt by Kasper Christiansen og Kåre Werner Storgaard

Will the witch hunter reveal the witch before she finds the ingredients for the ritual? An asymmetrical card game.