Fastaval scenarios 2017

The roleplaying scenarios premiering at Fastaval every year is written directly to the convention. They compete to win the prestigious Otto-prizes.


…And that’s it by Simon James Pettitt

A tragic but beautiful larp where the plague has claimed everyone, and the last ones remaining must handle their grief through drawings, as they wait for their own end.

Act V by Signe Løndahl Hertel

The classic story of Hamlet gains new layers when killers behind bars play it out and reflect on their own life through the 400 year old text.

A race for the South Pole by Christoffer Hoeck

Can Scott and his British expedition reach the South Pole before Amundsen the Norwegian – and what is the price of being first?

Behind the mask by Max Møller

A drama about masked vigilantes in which ethics are in tones of gray, the heroes are all too human and evil lurks in ourselves. How does it affect a man when he puts on a mask and takes the law into his own hands? What happens to society when vigilantes become heroes?

Below a free sky by Louise Floor Frellsen og Louis M. Kehlet

A Star Wars-drama about how the war changes the members of an insurgency and their relationships to each other and about whether or not they can keep believing in their cause.

Best Friends Forever by Lars Andresen

Four children go into the woods seeking an old forgotten barrow. De go out in a search for acceptance, friendship and lost gold from ages past. It’s going to be an amazing adventure, but not all adventures have a happy ending.

Gods by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

Almighty gods create a fantastical world from nothing, but they have to fight each other and humanity for their vision in this grandiose story about creative power.

Grampa’s Nimbus by René Toft

If Dad went out to save the world, who is saving Dad? That jobs falls to a slightly eccentric grandfather, the two grandchildren, an invisible friend and an British bulldog in an old Nimbus with a sidecar on a whimsical journey through Denmark.

Horrordeck – Horror on the Holodeck by Denise Brødløs Færge og Christian Iversen

In the world of Star Trek, the holodeck comes  to life, and the true nature of fear must be examined. Can a Vulcan become scared?

House of Craving by Tor Kjetil Edland og Danny Wilson

Psychological horror about a family that moves into a beautiful art deco mansion, down by a lake. There is a sinister turn of events, when the house begins to use the family to live out its perverted fantasies.

I Will Know My Name by Brand Robins

Four siblings are torn apart by war, and must try to find reconciliation and love in a world that is otherwise screaming for revenge.

Killing me softly by Cecilie Juel Greis Fakkelskov

Life is pain. It is not going to get any easier. It’s all your fault, so stop yourself before you make it any worse.

Maja is burdened by Doubt, Guilt and Shame while she tries in vain to get through everyday life.

Mars to stay by Frederik J. Jensen

Do you have what it takes to survive on Mars? Face extreme survival challenges and science the shit out of a bad situation.

Midsummer by Mikkel Bækgaard

When Lasse returns from the dead midsummer celebration takes a both scary and hopefull turn. How will his teenage daughter, his widow and her new boyfriend handle this new situation? How will sorrow and jalousy evolve from this?

Olsen Banden for ever!  af Elias Helfer

Egon has a plan! In this game, based on the popular Danish film-series, Olsen Banden, you create your very own Olsen Banden film. Written with more nostalgia than irony.

Out for Vengeance by Thor Niels Fejerskov Jensen

Out for vengeance is a scenario about revenge, treachery and honour among gunslingers. Three retired gunslingers come together to finally get the revenge they crave. Once and for all.

It’s a spaghetti western with silent, angry, spurned men with everything to lose.

Rosenstrasse by Moyra Turkington og Jessica Hammer

Historical drama about a successful demonstration under the most difficult conditions possible, set in Berlin 1943.

Sexcraft by Frida Sofie Jansen og Tor Kjetil Edland

It will be both funny and awkward, when the voice-actors come together to dub a Hentai movie.

Shards by Jeppe Nybo Jørgensen

The war is lost, the cause is crumbling, and soon the last walls will follow. A fate worse than death await you on the morrow. How do you do the unbearable? How do you kill your loved ones to spare them what is to come? Can you look them in the eyes while you end their lives? Paradis is denied the last surviver, forced to suicide; the shards will decide.

Starship Troopers: A New Threat by Mads L. Brynnum

A new enemy threatens humanity. The elite soldiers of the mobile infantry must once again go to interstellar war, and during the battles they learn more about why they fight.

 The Boiler by Jackson Tegu

In Bulgaria, the poorest country in the EU, an old grandpa receives a visit from his adult now-American granddaughter. Can they overcome the barriers between them?

The House Owners’ Association by Marie Skouenborg

Four board members are desperately trying to dominate the decisions in the homeowners’ association, but limitations in their body language and way of speaking make it difficult to get through at the board meetings. They will have to get to know each other better, but what happens when you suddenly understand where you opponent is coming from.

The Immune Squad by Signe Bech Sørensen

As part of the special force of the immune system 3 white blood cells and a Panodil will have to fight of virus and evil gangster gems as in James Bond.

The Pill by Frederik Berg

A new designer drug has appeared on the black market, who makes those who takes it more empathetic, loving and understanding. Do you dare take The Pill?

The Wolves of Winter by Kristian Bach Petersen

Four professionel huntersaftertheirloneprey. At the same time, they have a demonic horde at theirheels. An action-packedWarhammer-novellaaboutbeingbothhunter and prey, where the characters’ cooperation and loyaltyare put under pressure as the wildernessopens up and chaosapproaches.

Tiny Problems by Jesper Stein Sandal

Really, really tiny heroes must save themselves and each other before they can save the world in this D&D action comedy.

Witch Fever by Anders Frost Bertelsen, Kristoffer Rudkjær og Simon Steen Hansen

An Ensemble drama about a small town in the Warhammer universe, that tears itself apart in fear and witch trials.