Fastaval scenarios 2018

Here are the scenarios for Fastaval 2018. This year will have plenty of sci-fi, different takes on fantasy and magical realism, character dramas of love, war and conflict and several scenarios handling illness in very different ways. And we have no less than two scenarios that will run outdoors.


17th and Market by The Countess Dillymore

When Danny and Angel first meet, it sends ripples of love through 70s San Francisco.

Et håb om kærlighed by Jacob Nielsen

Love triangle in space. Would you stay faithful to your girlfriend on Earth when the AI is so very close

Post-IT by Henrik Dithmer

The newest implants from cyber surgeons affect physical performance, especially when they break down and fall off like so many small pieces of paper.

Road Rage by Tina Heebøll Arbjørn

The inner rage boils over as other motorists and passengers act like complete idiots.

Star Wars – A New Home by Stefan Lerbech

Will the classic heroes be tempted by the dark side of the dice when they receive a distress call from New Alderaan?

Teselskabet by Denise Brødløs Færge and Ida Mia Thylstrup

It’s time for gossip and discord when a group of elderly ladies meet to play cards and drink tea. 

Full length 

Aokigahara by Rasmus Høgdall

The spirits of the forest must face the truth of their lives if they are to help against the shadow of the suicide forest.

Bavnevagter by Jakob K. Zimmermann

Fear of the enemy is everpresent, and the biting cold also affects the players as the soldiers sit outdoors glancing at the other beacons.

Birkenau by Jonas Sanberg Jensen

Background music flows from the prisoner orchestra in Auschwiz-Birkenau. How long will you keep playing while you watch your people being crushed?

Blomster på Svanevej by Jorgo Kapow

Can the characters hang on to their picture of Omar while the rest of the world tries to define him because he just shot someone at Krudttønden.

Christmas on the Moons by Michael Mørk

The moon base is full of aliens, and the eggs must be destroyed before the queen gets hold of the last survivors.

Dronningen på smaragdtronen by Kristian Bach Petersen and Stefan Skriver Lægteskov

It is hard being a freedom fighter in the Victorian age when Cthulhu already rules the world. And can you trust your compatriots when one player calls another outside the door for a private chat?

Fønikssværdets rige by Louise Floor Frellsen and Louis M. Kehlet

In a grand drama about power and honor set in ancient, mythical China, even the epic battles will showcase and develop the characters.

Havet og de hule høje by Troels Ken Pedersen

Can a family of nobles stick together against the prophecy of Merlin, and will they ally with the saxons or with the terrible elves?

Hurtigere. Stærkere. Sammen. by Marie Wolfsberg Oscilowski and Thor Fejerskov Jensen

Team spirit is front and center when an Aussie Rules team start the season in this classic underdog story.

Joan the Vampire Slayer by Kristoffer Rudkjær and Mads Brynnum

In the 50’s Midwest Joan has to kill vampires at night, while by day she handles the highschool drama that developed since the last episode.

Kobanî by Signe Løndahl Hertel

The female, Kurdish freedom fighters will have to take a hard look at their own lives as they push the enemy towards the edge of town.

Kæphest by Nynne Søs Rasmussen

Three teenage girls battle their insecurities, but might find companionship through their quirky hobby horsing community.

Mellem mennesker by Nina Runa Essendrop

The poetic and the sensual are in focus as a human is met with tenderness and loneliness by two angels.

MIA by Lasse Arnsdorf Pedersen

Mia’s time travelling illness is fragmenting her life , and she must choose who she really loves.

No Thing to Fear by Brand Robins and Moyra Turkington

Very Old Tortoise, Pygmy Hippo and Eternal Egret must brave the dangers of their journey through the flooded landscape in this Pixar-like story of friendship.

Redshift by Tayler Stokes

Choices about humanity’s survival are at stake when the astronauts return to Earth where 200 years have passed.

Sisyfos by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

The personality of Anders is split, and the parts all try to guide him towards the meaning of life.

Sølvnøglens døre by Thais Munk

The mind is tested as the Dreamlands of Lovecraft unfold, and the former cultists will have to find their courage.

The Naked Truth by Arttu Hanska and Joonas Katko

The heat of the sauna allows the men to open up about their emotions and vulnerabilities in an understated drama about masculinity.

Ti tusind lysår hjem by Morten Havmøller Laursen

The spaceship-characters must search for a new home planet, as they are shot asunder and rebuilt again and again, and lose a little of themselves each time.

Troldsplint og Blåøje by Marie Skouenborg

A 9-year old girl will need the help of her two imaginary playmates to find out why mom and dad are so sad over granny’s illness.

Uledsaget by Simon James Pettitt

Nature is tangible in this outdoor larp, as the children walk through the forest to try and find a place to survive.

Væk by Klaus Meier Olsen

The worse the woman with dementia gets, the more the relatives’ lives are slowly torn apart.

Waving by Jackson Tegu

In between cheerful entertainment scenes, a group of clowns will have to choose if they dare trust each other enough to conquer their personal demons.