Artemis: All good things…

Captain’s log, stardate 42133.7 [final entry]


There’s a saying in Starfleet;

Trust your crew with your life, and they will trust you with theirs.

Today, on our darkest day, that saying rings more true than ever. We’ve been at war longer than most people can remember. A lifetime of stability by force – peace by war.

This all changed drastically in the last few years.. Now the enemy uses propaganda and misinformation campaigns to convert people to their cause; The total destruction of the United Federation of Planets is at hand!

Anyone could be a terrorist – every other ship could be out to kill us! And yet, we cannot falter in our morals, attack in anger, or with malice, or we will be no better than them. We must protect our freedoms, and the Federation that upholds it!

Today I trust my crew with my life, as they trust me with theirs. On this day, and to our last day.


Later that day, on the bridge

“ALL HANDS TO BATTLESTATIONS”, the captain yells out with powerful conviction. He certainly tries to put on a brave face, but you’ve known him for long enough to pick up on the hints of worry and trepidation.

Your trembling finger hovers over the red button, awaiting the order to fire. Your target is locked on the USS Gallant, last of her kind. The blinking light on your console indicates that you are being targeted back. Two federation ships on the verge of open combat! It’s unthinkable, but what they did was inexcusable! They are not acting with honor or integrity – they have been corrupted. What else would bring them to do this?


Your eyes meet the captain’s, and for a brief moment you silently share the question you are both afraid to ask; “Are we wrong?”



Game time: 2 hours

Number of players: 6 per team

Keywords: Spaceship, simulation, collaboration, sci-fi action, immersion.

Player Type: You will be a crucial part of a 6-person crew, each with a specific area of responsibility. Teamwork, communicating well, and being able to trust your fellow crewmembers, are all critical skills.

Language: Beyond Space Simulator is an immersive experience in English, so all in-game text will be English. Introductory slideshow is available in Danish and English.


About the authors: This is the fourth (and final) year in a row that Christian Iversen, Erik Warming and Troels Rohde Hansen run a heavily customized and modified version of Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. When they are not flying spaceships at Fastaval, they fly spaceships for a living!