Otto with Love: Fastaval Introductory tour

Have you never been to Fastaval before?

Well, don’t panic!

Join the Fastaval Introductory tour to find out where your roleplaying rooms are, where you’ll be sleeping, where you’ll get your famous Fastaval toast and where you can have a drink (with or without alcohol) after a long day’s gaming”

The Fastaval Introductory Tour is for people who need to get their bearings or want to know more about the practicalities of their favorite con.

We will take you on a 30 minute tour of the facilities, showing you all the rooms you need for roleplay, Warhammer and gaming. We’ll explain the rules of Fastaval and introduce you to all the wonderful people behind the organization.

The tour will take place Wedensday at 6.30 PM.

Meet your friendly tour guide by the front entrance of the school