Pandemic Survival

Do you have what it takes to save the world?

Then team up with a friend (or a stranger) and make your way through the Regional Championship to the Danish Championship to finally reach the Pandemic Survival World Championship.

Pandemic Survival is a variant of Pandemic where 12 teams of 2 compete against each other, all playing with the same roles from Pandemic and playing against the same Infection deck. You win by being the first team to find 4 cures or by simply being the last team standing.

The winning team of the Regional Championship gets one copies of Pandemic: The Cure & Experimental Meds and a spot at the Danish Championship at Bastard Café in Copenhagen in October 2017 (Travel expenses to Copenhagen are not paid for). If your team win there, you and your team mate get a spot at the World championship. Date has yet to be announced. Travel expenses, hotel accommodations and Convention Ticket fees for the World Championship are all paid for.

The winning team of the World Championship will gain the ability of the Airlift card: to go to any city on the Pandemic board (together or separately) for a total prize value of up to $10,000!


This prize includes:

  • 1 week (7 day) vacation to the city of their choosing on the Pandemic board.
  • 2 round-trip economy class airplane tickets from the airport nearest to the home of the winners to the International airport of the city of their choosing on the Pandemic board.
  • 100 USD per person, per day, for hotel fees.
  • 100 USD per person, per day, for food.

How do I sign up for this amazing tournament!?



To enter the competition you must be at least 18 years old. Tickets are none refundable. If you unable to attend and you’ve already signed up, you and your partner can give your spots to another team. This is only possible if you notify us before the competition starts.

The sign up process follows the first-serve-first-come principle. So be quick! Only 12 teams can enter (24 contestants). So find your best gaming buddy/partner/friend and join one the most exciting and anticipated events at Fastaval!


Participant fee: 50 kr. which will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation