1. Wednesday 12/4 – evening slot


Practical info: The table sits 6 players and 1 GM. A minimum of 3 players and 1 GM is required. As a player, you will only need to bring yourself and a pencil, but you are welcome to bring rulebooks, if you own them. There will be rulebooks and dice present at the table. The event organizer will bring new Pathfinder Society numbers and character sheets.


PF2Event description:

Greetings adventurer! Where will your next adventure take place? Travel through Golarion with the Pathfinders on a journey after treasure, long lost artefacts, and forgotten tomes.

The first step on your journey is to create a character. In this workshop, we will guide you through this process and give you an introduction to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

If time allows it, we will also play Pathfinder Society Quest: Honor’s Echo, that is written for 1st-level characters.

This workshop is targeted towards brand new Pathfinders, but experienced agents that want to create a new character is also welcome.

Teaser to “Honor’s Eco”:

The grand Taldan Empire once controlled half of Avistan, but during the Even-Tongued Conquest, it could not manage an ongoing war with both its neighbor Qadira and the secessionist rebels in its outer provinces. As Taldor struggled to control its crumbling territories, its monarchs sought scapegoats for its failures, including the righteous war hero Countess Honaria Alcasti. Stripped of its nobility, her family has survived in obscurity for seven hundred years. However, her descendant Remaio has identified evidence that might redeem the Alcasti name and his ancestor’s honor. Can the Pathfinders help exonerate her name and bring glory to Taldor once more?


Useful reading:

About Pathfinder Society



#8-06: Reaping What We Sow

Practical info: The table sits 6 players and 1 GM. A minimum of 3 players and 1 GM is required.

The scenario is written for characters on level 1-5. If you do not have a character within this level range you will be given a pre-generated character. This scenario is suitable for both new and experienced players.


Teaser to “Reaping What We Sow”:

When the flames of revolution swept through Galt, the Society lost much of what it held there: dozens of agents, several lodges, and the fellowship of countless contacts who foreswore the Society rather than become targets themselves. Although Venture-Captain Eliza Petulengro has reestablished a foothold in the country, she needs to rebuild her network of allies. One of the most important figures resides in Rosehaven, a small village due to celebrate its yearly festival of light and forgiveness. Petulengro hopes that an entourage of Pathfinders might participate in the festivities and endear itself to the Society’s former friend. Past evils have other plans, however, and unless the Pathfinders can keep their wits about them, they might not just lose sight of the mission; they might lose their lives.

Useful reading: Galt