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Activities at Fastaval 2019

Guest of honor at Fastaval

Each year Fastaval invites an exciting and famous person/group as the guest of honor to communicate and convey their work within Fastaval-related activities – like board games, roleplaying games, and Larp. Every guest of honor is different with different takes on roleplaying, board gaming and game design.

Sometimes the guest of honor is an influential person within gaming culture with many years working in an established gaming institution, like Mark Rein Hagen or Steve Jackson. But just as often the guest of honor is a less known designer or gaming personality with a new and unique take on game design to inspire and amaze the participants at Fastaval.

The guests of honor 2019 are Shut Up & Sit Down!

SUSD is a British trio mostly known for reviewing board games on youtube, but they have also done reviews of computer games and content about roleplaying. They bend themselves backward to make their reviews entertaining to watch. They are modern professional YouTubers, but they never forget that the essence of board games as a medium is being social and experiencing fun cognitive challenges. They are enthusiastic and critical and give their viewers and listeners good recommendations about both content and price.

We are looking forward to having them as guests on Fastaval and we are sure it’s going to be tons of fun.

Here is a review of Fog of Love which was in the Fastaval board game competition in 2015 and has since become a hit on Kickstarter and got an exclusive deal with Wallmart.

Visit their website here.