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Activities at Fastaval 2019


Welcome to the Bazar! Fastaval is unfortunatly only one week a year. You might easily miss roleplay and boardgames. There are a lot of other opportunities though with roleplay associations, evening schools, lives and cons out there. The bazar is a place where you can meet some of the ones that are out there and be inspired to find [...]

Bring your idea for Fastaval 2020

If you have an idea for a Fastaval-esque game then come share it with others. It can be a board game, a roleplaying scenario or something completely different. Maybe you've been contemplating your idea for ages or maybe you were inspired by something you just played this year. In either case, now is your chance to tell all about [...]


Outside of the cave the dwarves grow their crops and take care of their livestock to keep the clan fed. Meanwhile underground they are busy digging for gold and precious stones and building grand workshops and dwellings. In the workshops weapons are forged for the ones who choose to go forth and bring back honor and riches for the [...]

Easter – A tragedy (rerun)

A story about four unhappy people who desperately tries to keep their family together. It’s a story about traditions. And it’s a story about keeping a positive mood at all times and at any price to avoid losing it all. Rerun from Fastaval 2011. Maria starred at the paté. She had no idea what to say. How on earth [...]

Fastaval Boardgames Classic

Since 2012 newly designed gamed have be a part of Fastaval. Since then the design community in Denmark has grown steadily and produced several games that has been highly recognized also internationaly. This year there are more new games than ever but a lot of the older games can still be found on the shelves of Fastavals board game [...]

Fastaval Re-Allocation

Do know what it’s like to have a lot of boardgames, roleplaying games or other nerdy stuff taking up space on your shelves that you don’t get around to play anymore? Either that or you just found other games that you liked more. You could sell them of course, but it's a lot of hassle and to throw a [...]

Fastaval Scenario Writing Competion 2019

Write a scenario! Have you ever felt like trying writing a scenario? Then you'll have the opportunity here! At the Fastaval scenario writing competition 2019, you'll get some obstructions to work with in a creative manner and 72 hours to write a scenario.The assignments with obstructions will be given out at Thursday 10 AM. If you cannot be present at [...]


Welcome to FastaWar 2019! This Warhammer 40.000 tournament is held thursday and friday the 18. and 19 of april, during Fastaval. Quick info: 2000 points, three detachments, and of course fully painted. 5 games over 2 days.

Game Rush

Game Rush - Build a Board Game We hand you a brand new and published board game, and you design a new game from the components in that box. Starting Wednesday, Asger Harding Granderud gives a presentation with the title “How to Turn an Idea into a Board Game”. Note that this talk is open for all participants at [...]


It is not enough that a new board game is fun and has high production value. It has to stand out which can be difficult with thousands of new games launched on the market every year. But how do you get a good idea for a new board game? In this workshop we try out various brainstorming techniques. The [...]


Towards the end of 16th century China the Ming dynasty was in full bloom. The Great was protected against the Mongol horde and the emperor had introduced harsh punishments for corruption among his officials. But old customs die hard and of course the tradition of swapping gifts whenever you visited someone remained. So while bribery was outlawed it was [...]

How to Get Your Board Game Published

With Asger Harding Granderud & Jacob Klixbüll Jaskov Learn how two of Denmarks mosts successful board game designers has gotten heir games published - and maybe find inspiration on how to publish your own. Jacob made his own company and has used Kickstarter to promote and raise funds for his first and successful game, Fog of Love, which after a [...]

How to Turn an Idea into a Board Game

With Asger Harding Granderud Asger is one if the very few people, let alone in Denmark, that designs board games full time. He is well known for titles such as: Flamme Rouge, 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis, A Tale of Pirates, Shaky Manor and many more (and even more on the way). Note that this talk is open [...]


Where are the sleeping halls? Where can I get a drink? What's the reserve queue? If you want to know where things are and how to make the most of your Fastaval, join the Fastaval Introduction tour in the common area on Wednesday the 17th of April at 7PM. We will show you around the premises and let you [...]

Magic the Gathering

Wednesday evening: Duel Commander 1 vs 1: 20.00 - 02.00. 30 DKK. No maximum amount of participants - minimum 6 players. Thursday midday: Sealed 11.00 - 17.00. 150 DKK. No maximum amount of participants - minimum 6 players. Thursday aften: Ultimate Masters draft: 20.00 - 02.00. 300 DKK. Friday evening: Two-Headed Giant Sealed: 20.00-02.00. 100 DKK. No maximum amount of participants - minimum [...]

Playing Stories – pushing the limits of stories in games

A panel of innovative game designers at the frontier of game design debate stories in games, both roleplaying and board games. Why and how do games make stories more powerful? Why and how do stories make games so powerful? The panel share their experiences designing games as diverse as the Otto-winning roleplaying scenario At the World’s End, the romantic [...]

Post Haste

Posthaste - A pen and paper game It is the year of our Lord 1891. Gaslights illuminate the streets of London, Paris, Copenhagen and the other European capitals. Industrialization is changing the world, the Wild West has been won, though not fully tamed, and Science is surging forward, powered by massive steam engines. Yet, the Old world still lingers: Noble [...]

Real Talk

Facilitated by: Jon Cole and Maria Ljung Looking to catch up with old friends and make new ones at the same time? Join this facilitated conversation mixer that cuts past the small talk, so you can really get to know others. At Fastaval there are so many incredible people you want to talk to! But everyone is busy with [...]

Shut Up – a history

Quintin forms half of the reviewer-duo Shut Up & Sit Down. In this talk he will talk a little bit about how he and Matt, the other half, ended up reviewing board games on the internet. Few people know they actually started as video-game critics, but what made them begin to do board game reviews? How is it possible [...]

The Subject Is the Object – A talkshow with Shut Up & Sit Down

Vært: Jakob Givskud Gæster: Shut Up & Sit Down as well as veteran board- and roleplaying designers In this live talkshow Jakob Givskud has invited the guests of honor up on the stage to talk about themselves, their impressions of Fastaval, and the future of board- and roleplaying games. The subjects are broad, the questions will be prepared in [...]


"Na Männer,alles Klar?" "Jawohl Herr Kaleun" UBOOT is a real time co-op submarine simulator where four player each take the role of one of the officers on a German submarine during the second world war. The game uses and ipad-app to track the subs real position, run the scenario, control opponents and is also used a a periscope, hydrophone [...]

Under My Skin (rerun)

A group of friends get together and secret loves and passions erupt. Partners and lovers have to face up to their fears and jealousies as they find that time has taken its toll on their relationships. Passions rage and lovers have to see whether their relationships will last or crumble under the pressures of temptation and potential new love. [...]

Guest of honor at Fastaval

Each year Fastaval invites an exciting and famous person/group as the guest of honor to communicate and convey their work within Fastaval-related activities – like board games, roleplaying games, and Larp. Every guest of honor is different with different takes on roleplaying, board gaming and game design.

Sometimes the guest of honor is an influential person within gaming culture with many years working in an established gaming institution, like Mark Rein Hagen or Steve Jackson. But just as often the guest of honor is a less known designer or gaming personality with a new and unique take on game design to inspire and amaze the participants at Fastaval.

The guests of honor 2019 are Shut Up & Sit Down!

SUSD is a British trio mostly known for reviewing board games on youtube, but they have also done reviews of computer games and content about roleplaying. They bend themselves backward to make their reviews entertaining to watch. They are modern professional YouTubers, but they never forget that the essence of board games as a medium is being social and experiencing fun cognitive challenges. They are enthusiastic and critical and give their viewers and listeners good recommendations about both content and price.

We are looking forward to having them as guests on Fastaval and we are sure it’s going to be tons of fun.

Here is a review of Fog of Love which was in the Fastaval board game competition in 2015 and has since become a hit on Kickstarter and got an exclusive deal with Wallmart.

Visit their website here.