Call for acitivites

Would you like to facilitate an activity at Fastaval 2019? If so we would love to hear from you!

This year we try something new – calling out for activities with the deadline of November 1st.

We are doing this for a couple of reasons: partly because we experience more people who want to create and facilitate activities – which is awesome! And also a thousand people participated in Fastaval 2018 which means we need to economize with both locations and program slots.

I would like to facilitate something at Fastaval 2019 – what do I do?

Please write a short e-mail explaining the type of activity you would like to create.

  • What is the duration of the activity?
  • When do you wish for the activity to take place?
  • How many participants?
  • Does the activity target a specific age group?
  • What are your overall thoughts on the budget?
  • Where would you like for your activity to take place – any special demands of the location?

Please have the café Oasen in mind as a location. And be aware that activities taking place outside of a classroom is easier for us to accommodate.

November 1st at the latest, you send this mail to

Medio November you will receive notification whether or not your activity has made the cut.

If you need longer to plan you are more than welcome to send the mail in good time and point this out. If you have a loose idea lacking structure please write and we will spare and frame together.

We kindly ask all to write to us, whether or not your activity is new or old.

We look forward to reading your activity ideas and even more so to see you at Fastaval 2019!