The flaws of the teenage heroes are amplified as they use their Mecha robot suits to battle evil incarnate. The darkest weapons of the Mechs may bring them victory but they might also push the wielders over the edge.

Players/GM 3 players, one GM

Time 1-2 hours

Language Danish and English

Age limit None

How much do you have to read Approximately one page per player.

  • Action

  • Mecha

  • Emotions


Ten years ago the creator god Ahura Mazda, was defeated in battle by Ahriman, and consumed. One after another the human nations have succumbed to evil, and now only Persia remains. But all is not lost; humanity has discovered three Mainyu, huge robots, which can only be controlled by souls untainted by evil, and the three teenage-pilots now gather for the final battle against the cosmic evil to decide the fate of humanity.

Ahriman is an action-scenario about three teenagers who pilot huge robots in the struggle against evil itself. In the scneario the players will explore their characters while entering their Mainyus, after which they will fight in a climactic struggle with over-the-top descriptions and dice, peppered with mecha-combinations and violent emotions. But can the pilots beat the ultimate evil without pushing themselves into the abyss?

The designer

Most of Henrik’s scenarios concern myths, history, or weird genres, and he has watched Neon Genesis Evangelion more than just a couple of times.