A race for the South Pole

The year is 1911 and the British expedition led by Scott strives to reach the South Pole and win glory and honor, before Amundsen the Norwegian. The scenario is about the struggle against the harsh Antarctic nature to be first to the South Pole. However, it is also the scenario of how the hardships wear down and transform the explorers, the same as the biting cold winds shape ice sculptures from the landscape. You take on the role as participants in the British expedition. How will you overcome the hardships on your journey and how much are you willing to give up to be first?

The players get the chance to put themselves in the shoes of previous explorers, tackle the challenges faced on an arctic expedition and through their role experience how the psyche is worn during such extreme conditions. The journey and the harsh landscape are conjured by the gamemaster and when it is over, the scenario should give the feeling of having been on an expedition yourself.

Are you going to beat the Norwegians and be the first to reach the South Pole, for king and country? … and what will it have cost you?


Estimated play time: 4 hours

Number of players: 5 players and one game master

Key words: Arctic expedition, Character development, Race, Play to experience.

Player type: Likes to explore his/her character, while also enjoying the experience of the journey and immersing yourself into a completely different situation.

Gamemaster type: You like to tell a good story and conjure landscapes and moods with your words. At the same time you should also be able to drive the story forward when necessary or let it sit, allowing for some contemplation, when needed.

About the author: The author likes the outdoors, which is probably the background for this scenario which builds on a fascination of adventurers and explorers of history. The author definitely has his background in classic fantasy roleplaying games, but had his eyes opened to other ways of doing things 6-7 years ago at Fastaval.

Language: Danish and english

Age: 13+