Act V

By Signe Løndahl Hertel

Act V is a drama about a group of inmates in an American prison. In a Prison Performing Arts program they rehearse the play Hamlet with the director Agnes. Both in life and prison these guys have been taught to focus on the tough surface but through the tale of Hamlet their stories unfold. For better or worse they discover themselves and each other by playing out the universal story of revenge, murder and survival.


Duration: 4,5 hour

Players: 4 players and 1 game master

Keywords: Drama, intertwining storylines, the dark sides of life, feel-good elements.

Player type: You are co-creative and likes to develop characters and stories. It is not necessary to have intimate knowledge of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Game master type: You can manage several stories intertwining and likes to co-create through an active game master role.

Language: Danish

Age: 15+

About the writer: Signe is a debutant. Despite her positive spirit she has always been fascinated with the dark sides of life and secretly dream of one day becoming the female version of Johnny Cash.