Advanced Group Therapy

By Edin Jankovic Sumar

Everyone else is an idiot and you’re the only one who is right.

There is a pedagogue who is incredibly bad at his job. Now the pedagogue will have to present and explain their very un-pedagogical methods to a group of middle class parents in northern Zeeland. That’s probably not going to work, unless the pedagogue manages to bring them down to a level they are more used to work with. In completely unrelated news, a week later a CEO of a medium-level multinational corporation hires a pedagogue who usually works with children as a group therapist, by mistake. Unrelated, except for the fact that it’s the same exact person.

Advanced Group-Therapy is a comedy-scenario, and it’s about arguing. It’s about playing a somewhat self-defined character who is in essence a caricature. It’s about drawing attention to the flaws and hypocrisies of the other characters, while downplaying the flaws and hypocrisies of your own character. It’s a bit of absurd mudslinging, and no one gets away without a bit of dirt on them.


Expected duration of play: Two hours

Number of players: 5-7 players, 1 game master

Tags: Semi-live, black comedy, arguing, what you see is what you get

Player type: You feel like arguing with a bunch of people you might not know very well by way of an alibi consisting of a character with hilariously absurd opinions. You are at least somewhat proficient in making up angry dialogue on the spot.

Game master type: You’re a player type and you know how to cut scenes at the appropriate time.

About the designer: Edin was naive enough to make his first Fastaval-scenario devoid deep personal intrigues and bleed. In everyday life he is a humanities student at the University of Copenhagen, which probably explains the naivety.

Languages: Danish