Behind the mask

By Max Møller

Denmark is in deficit – financially, morally, humanly. Refugee influx, rising unemployment, runaway crime rates and rampant inequality threaten to tear the country apart.


Trust in politicians and authorities is crumbling. It’s every man for himself and everyone points the finger at someone else. Car burnings in the rich neighborhoods, arson attacks on asylum centers, assaults on beggars, and hacker attacks on multinational corporations are commonplace. The police are powerless.

Masked vigilantes take the next step and are hailed as heroes. An immigrant gang of minors end up in intensive care. A corrupt politician has his hand chopped off. A disgraced tycoon is blown up in his BMW. The newspapers give the masked heroes colorful nicknames and ride high on the sudden circulation boost.

“Behind the Mask” is a drama about vigilantes with super powers where ethics are in tones of gray, the heroes are all too human and evil lurks in ourselves. How does it affect a man when he puts on a mask on and takes the law into his own hands? What happens to society when vigilantes become heroes?



Forventet spilletid: 4 hours

Antal spillere: 4 players and 1 gamemaster

Stikord: Drama, vigilantes, multiplot, dystopian near-future Denmark

Spillertyper: Players who want to create a story together and players who want to give unsympathetic characters a human face and push heroes with the best intentions into the moral abyss.

Spilledertyper: Director. You choose and set scenes, tie scenes together, weave plot lines together and ensure dramatic development.

Om forfatteren: Max has written scenarios for Fastaval since 96 and loved super heroes since 85 but as he has grown older, his fascination has come to focus on the deconstructive superhero books like Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. “Behind the Mask” is his 13th scenario for Fastaval. His most recent scenarios were the trilogy about alcoholic families “The Family”, “Relapse” and “The Last Adventure”.

Sprog: Danish

Alder: 15+