Below a free sky


By Louis Martinus Kehlet and Louise Floor Frellsen

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

On the occupied trade planet Brentaal IV a small group of insurgents fight to get back their homes and their lives. As the group grows more influential and the fights more bloody, it becomes apparent that even should they be victorious they will have lost a part of themselves.

An unspoken goodbye in the darkness.
Cold night air brushes against sweaty skin, as the metallic sounds of the patrol droids grow weaker in the distance.

A shaking finger hovers over the blaster’s trigger.

All this is part of the fight for freedom. As is doubting. Doubting if you’re doing enough, if you’ve gone too far, if it would have been better not to fight at all. Can you even turn back?

Below a Free Sky is the tale of the uprising during the occupation of Brentaal IV at the time of the Clone Wars. It is the story of how the war changes its members and their relationships and about whether or not they can keep believing in their cause.

The scenario mainly consists of character play based scenes which focuses on the development of the characters and their relationships with each other. The main narrative of the story is predetermined and the choices you make will mainly explore who the characters are, but they will also play a part in determining the fate of the planet. It is not an action scenario however some of the activities of the insurgency will be played out as narrative scenes.

Will you sacrifice your life for freedom? Do you have the right to sacrifice the lives of others?



Expected playing time: 5 hours.

Number of participants: 5 players and 1 game master.

Keywords: Struggle for liberty, drama, systemless, Star Wars.

Player type: You should enjoy empathizing with your character’s situation and play on both internal and external conflicts. You will be following your character as it slips down a slope of morality and choose how far it falls. There will be both character play and narrative scenes.

Game master type: Your primary role as the game master will be setting up and cutting the scenes to get the right atmosphere of the scenario. You will have no supporting roles to play but will have to improvise to some extent to incorporate the players’ inputs into the overall flow of the story.

About the authors: It is the third time that Louis and Louise are writing a scenario together for Fastaval. Louise has also written a number of other scenarios both by herself and with another co-author. Louis is all about elegant mechanisms and the interesting narrative while Louise is into sympathetic insight and the grand emotions.

Language: Playable in both Danish and English, but scenario text only in Danish.

Age: 13+