Best Friends Forever

By Lars Kaos Andresen

It’s the year of 1984 and it’s summer in Denmark. Four kids 13 years of age The cool kid in class. The grown up girl. The outsider and the girl with white, pointy hair and lots of black eye shadow. A motley group of kids find themselves together in search of acceptance, friendship and last but not least. The forgotten treasure in the lost barrow.

Best Friends Forever is a story about friendship and the first serious twinges of love. It’s also an adventure. In a lost barrow deep in the old forest legends of ancient gold awakens the children’s longing for a real adventure. It all begins with innocence and wonder but not all adventures have a happy ending.

Best Friends Forever is old school table top role playing. Each players controls one character and interacts with the world and the story through that character. The focus is on the characters feelings for each other and how these feelings evolve and change as the adventures turns dark. There’s also a bit of mystery, action and plot, but mainly the excitement lies in the interaction between the characters.


Expected play time: 4 hours

Number of players: 4 players and 1 game master

Key words: Drama, adventure, horror, no system or rules

Player type: You enjoy immersive and classic role playing with a lot of interaction between the characters. You’re expected to play your role outwards

Game master type: You enjoy setting the mood and helping players to get the best out of their characters. Best Friends Forever is classic in it’s structure and is told chronological through a number of fixed scenes.

About the author: Lars Kaos Andresen has written games for Fastaval for many years. He enjoys old school role playing games with a lot of emotion in the characters. By day he’s an editor in chief for a danish consumer magazine.

Language: Danish with player material in english.

Age: 15+