Diego Amadeus

By Morten Jaeger

Argentina is crying. A few months ago, the country’s hero Diego Maradona was found dead in his home in Buenos Aires. Now, vultures are flying low in the Argentine capital. The tabloid magazines have already issues special editions and publishers are working hard to release biographies before Christmas. Meanwhile, the world is waiting for the first response from the role-playing media.

We are in an alternative reality where role-playing is the most prestigious art form. The best scenario writers and arrangers are famous and respected like movie directors, and most popular role-players are celebrities like movie stars.

Diego Amadeus is the story about to rivalling role-play makers competing desperately about a prestigious contract: Make a role-play that celebrates Diego Maradona in the form of a universal story about the unadjusted genius.

The scenario mainly consists of scenes where the two role-play makers and their teams brainstorm and develop techniques and scenes. The teams are packed with intrigues and large egos, and the two rivals will have a hard time reaching their goals without hurting people in the process.

In the end, it is the players who decide who wins the contract.

The scenario is intended for extroverted players who are okay with exaggeration and grotesque elements. The gamemaster role is very dominant and has a lot of freedom to shape the story and play along in the scenes.

Note: The scenario does not require the player to know anything about soccer, or to even be interested in soccer. Maradona is present as an iconic unadjusted genius and his specific accomplishments on the soccer field are not important.


Type: Semi-live

Number of gamemasters: 1

Number of players: 6

Estimated Time: 4-5 hours

Author: Morten Jaeger

Genre: Intrigue, satire and meta-fiction. The scenario is equally a drama and a comedy.