Down’n’Out in Marienburg

By Kristian Bach Petersen

Right where Three Penny Bridge ties Doodkanaal together with Suiddock,
an elf lurks in the shadows. He shuffles his feet. He scratches the
stock of his pistol with a frayed fingernail. Waiting.

This is his last chance. Last chance for the big score. Last chance to
start afresh. Last chance to make it out of Marienburg alive.

All he needs is to get his hands on the chest. The chest that the four
cowled figures around the corner is carrying between them. Get the
chest and get it back to the other elves at the tavern…

“Down’n’out in Marienburg” is a character-driven action/intrigue
scenario, where the Warhammer universe serves as the backdrop for five
elves’ desperate attempt to keep their heads above surface level in
the dirty water of the river Reik. Five gutter elves, working in jobs
so dirty that only humans should do them. They got their backs against
the wall, and no one to cover them.

A scenario about friendship, lies, loyalty and the big score, set over
a single night in the Empire’s biggest port, Marienburg. Stuffed with
chaos cultists, corruption, Skaven, small, but vicious, dogs and rusty
knives in the back.

The scenario uses a simple dice system that supports action,
inter-player drama and the machinations of the scenario.


Play time: 4 hours

Number of players: 5 + 1 gamemaster

Keywords: Warhammer, gritty fantasy, intrigue, action, Britpunk, neo-noir.

Type of players: You like dirty fantasy and grim characters living on
the edge. You enjoy underdog roles, putting your characters on the
line and playing both with and up against the other players.

Type of gamemaster: You like creating atmosphere, run scenes at an
intense pace and can react to the actions of the players and challenge
the characters.

About the writer: Kristian is part of the RPG light brigade. He has
had a weakness for elves since his very first D&D red-box character,
an elf, reached level 2 (Warrior-Seer). This is his seventh scenario
for Fastaval.