Frankenstein’s Creatures

By Graham Walmsley

In a forest, creatures wake in their new bodies and discover who they are. When the world rejects them as ugly, twisted and monstrous, they must decide: do they fight back against a world that rejects them or accept that they are evil? How does a monster live? Frankenstein’s Creatures is a short freeform game that plays with themes of loneliness, queerness and self-acceptance. There’s a lot of guided meditation, a lot of physical movement and a lot of monsters trying to work out who they are.

Frankenstein's Creatures pic


Expected duration of play: Two hours maximum

Number of players: 3-8 plus one game master

Tags: Drama, freeform, gothic, based on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (which players do not need to have read)

Player type: You like deep, immersive games in which you act out your character.

Game master type: You can create a comfortable, safe enviroment and take care of the players. You’re comfortable playing several characters. You can act reasonably well.

About the designer: Graham has written lots of different games, including tabletop games and freeforms. He likes horror but it scares him. You should buy him red wine.

Language: English and Danish