by Troels Ken Pedersen

Gargantuan is an enormous airship on it’s way over The Ocean from The Imperial Elven Republic to The New Territories. The ship is driven by the finest alchemy of the elves and is so well built that it’s crash free. The upper classes and the officers on board are elves, the lower classes and the servants are goblins. Elves are beautiful, wise and good, while goblins are ugly, foolish and mean – some elves are so good that they even think goblins should have rights.

The game follows two couples, the rich goblin Doss and his lover, the aristocratic but debt-plagued elf Illex Argentinus, the revolutionary writer Cass and goblin rights activist Taningia Danae. Life isn’t simple and easy for any of them. The game also follows life on board the Gargantuan, from the Progressive Salon to the inferno of the engine room.

Gargantuan pic


Expected duration of play: 5 hours

Number of players: Four plus one game master

Tags: Steampunk, tabletop story game, drama, ensemble, disaster

Player type: You like intense relations, you want to bring a fantastic airship to life through co-creative description and secondary characters, and to play with difficult subjects like race and class.

Game master type: You like pushing the players through NPCs, and you can juggle several things at once without losing track of time.

Languages: Danish and English, for players and game masters.

About the designer: Troels believes fiercely in roleplayers as co-creators, and tends to side with the goblins.