By Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

From the nothingness before the start of time, four divine beings emerge. Soon they set about filling the void, forming earth, mountains, seas, life. However, the gods differ in ideology and aesthetics, disagreeing about how the world and it inhabitants should be. The influence and build it in each their own way. Soon their energy runs out and they have to sleep for thousands of years. When again they wake, humanity have come to be; A being also capable of shaping the world. The gods continue bickering and working against each other through their divine powers. Or descend into the humans and work their agendas through them. Before they again have to sleep and wake to new civilizations. Before there power completely fades, they have to work out what their legacy will be.
Guder- billede

“Gods” is a game about creating. About loving and fighting for your vision. It is an open game, where the world and conflicts are created by the players. However, it is also quite structured, with plenty of inspiration and helping mechanics. It is a semi-live game where we have to create the world with our own bodies. It is a game filled with pathos, with dramatic gods with feelings as big as the world.


Duration: 3-4 hours

No. of players: 4 players and 1 GM

Tags: Mythology, creation, drama, intrigue, semi-live

Player type: You should be excited about playing an almighty god and like be a creative participant in roleplaying games. Extra points if you can wring dramatic feelings out of any subject.

GM type: You are going to be a facilitator, instructor and participant, although on different terms. You should you be able to keep the game moving if it slows and throw in ideas when they are needed. You are going to play humanity as a whole and also shape the world and ruin the gods’ plans

Age: 13+