Grampa’s Nimbus

By René Toft

– Grampa? Do you think we will find Dad again?

Sille’s beetroot colored hair was a big mess while she looks worried at Grampa. He was polishing the old motorcycle with a sidecar. It was a Nimbus.

– Of course we do, he growled affectionately.

– Flupsi says Dadis playing a kind of hide and seek.

– You can tell your invisible friend that she might not be completely wrong.

– But if he is playing hide and seek, why did he say that he was on a secret mission? Is it because he is hiding from those ABC agents?

– KGB agents, Sille. Do not worry, we’ll find Dad. I am just not sure Dad knows he would like to be found.

Bille nervously tugs Grampa’s sleeve.

– Grampa, what is a Kayjeebee agent?

Farfars Nimbus billede

Everyone have had a grandfather. Maybe he was tall as a house. Large bushy eyebrows. Big mustache. Slightly muttering, even sorrowfull at times. Firm, but never mean. Perhaps he had, if you were really lucky, a motorcycle. An old Nimbus with a side car as you drove off in a summer in search Father who was out there saving the world. For while your dad saves the world, who is saving your father?

Grampa’sNimbus is a little freeform scenario for you who need a warm hug on a cold day.



Estimated Time: 3-4 hours

Number of Players: 3 players and 1 game master

Keywords: subtle feel-good road movie, subdued magical realism, freeform, few mechanics, humour

Player Type: A scenario for those who have not abandoned the playful child inside and insists on questioning the whole world. For those who miss their grandfather. You like the slightly understated humour and quirky and absurd situations that arise when peopleare not like most people.

Type of game master: You must be able to keep track of the quest for the father, the pace of history that has a few different roads it can take. Each path has an associated theme that defines the story the players experience. And you love to play supporting roles that are a little off.

About the Author: René has written everything from wild action, dark investigation, Swedish 80s robot science fiction to polar bears and crazy shamans. Now he is an old softy.

Language: Danish and English.

Age: 13+