Witch Fever

By Anders Frost Bertelsen, Kristoffer Rudkjær og Simon Steen Hansen


Times are hard in the small town of Torfenheim. The harvest has failed and war threatens to spread from the north.

The townspeople have started to whisper. About the bad weather, dangerous behaviour and that nothing is like the old days. And they whisper of Chaos. That it isn’t just an outer threat, that has invaded The Empire, but also an inner threat. A threat that needs to be quelled. And finally, they whisper of the witch hunter that is approaching town.

Witch Fever is a gloomy ensemble drama about a small town that consumes itself in fear. Each player has three characters, but as the scenario progresses, some of them will burn at the stake. Focus is on creating a shared story about the town and its fall. The scenario is set in the Warhammer universe, but requires no beforehand knowledge. It is mostly freeform, but has simple game mechanics to resolve which characters are burned. The scenario has no elves, beastmen or battlehardened heros, instead you play ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances.



Duration: 5 hours.

No. of players: 5 players and 1 GM.

Tags: Grim ensemble drama. Shared story. Fantasy. Muddy Warhammer without dice or heros.

Player type: You play for the story and can help set scenes if you need to. You’re not afraid to lose a character or two along the way.

GM type: You like to keep track of multiple plot threads, but don’t mind letting the players tie them together. Du like to set and cut scenes, and generally help the players keep the pace.

About the authors: Kristoffer, Anders and Simon are all grizzled authors, that have previously designed scenarios with lots of characters such as Sparta, Joust and Fifteen Men. When they aren’t writing scenarios together, they play in tabletop campaigns, discuss tv-shows or read fantasy literature.

Language: Danish and english

Age: 15+