By Mo Holkar

East Berlin,1974. In a shabby room in an abandoned building within sight of the Wall, five young people plan their escape to the West. Meanwhile, in a guardroom overlooking the barrier, five border guards talk as they wait to fulfil their duty to the Revolution – shooting any traitors who might attempt to cross over.

Each group, and each character within each group, has its mix of loyalties, of relationships, of conflicts, of truths and lies. When they come to the moment of decision, of challenge, of test – how will they respond?

You will play both the escapers and the guards, in alternating acts – after first having built your characters up together from skeletons. You will experience flashbacks and side-scenes, shedding light and darkness upon your motivations and relationships. You will be enmeshed in a tense network of loves, hates, hopes and fears. At the game’s climax you will have to decide: to escape, or to stay? To remain loyal, or to betray? To kill, or to spare?

'Heroes' pic


Duration: four hours, including preparatory workshop and concluding debrief

No. of players: Five players and one GM.

Tags: Naturalistic style of play, historical setting, emotional relationship-driven tone, semi-live/freeform.

Player type: You will enjoy playing if you like: conflicts of loyalty; tension about betrayal; heated inter-character debate; seeing multiple viewpoints of a complex moral situation; having input into your character’s design.

GM type: You will enjoy GMing if you like: helping players co-create; cutting and framing scenes to manage the pace of the game; identifying where flashbacks and side-scenes will deepen and intensify the players’ experience.

Language: English.

About the writer: Mo, who is from the UK, thinks that larp and freeform are fantastic ways of exploring one’s own mind and other ways of thinking and being.