Horrordeck – Horror on the Holodeck

Why did I agree to this? They should know, that I cannot get scared I sense

movements in the corner of my eye. Is one of them trying to sneak up on me

again?! I feel the irritation pique in the back of my mind, but I quickly suppress

the sensation. I hear lieute nant Bardico scream. S omething is terribly wrong…

On board the spaceship USS Edgar, a group of officers meet regularly for a drink and a round of

cards. Many different subjects are discussed, but one day the conversation turns on fear. When

lieutenant Patal mentions that Vulcans never gets scared, he soon finds himself and his friends

in the ship’s holographic room, where lieutenant Yurick asks the computer to create a scenario,

scary enough, to frighten a Vulcan.

All have tried to be afraid at some point – in a critical situation, it can make you feel more

human… but can a Vulcan, a race who suppresses their emotions, get scared at all?


Duration: max. 2 hours

No. of players: 5-8 players (most optimal with 5 players) and 2 gamemasters

Tags: Sci-fi, Star Trek, paranoia, horror, semi-live

Player Type: The scenario is for you, who want to play a scary and fear inducing story and who

don’t mind being shocked. You need to be able to accept physical contact with the

gamemasters and the other players, to be able to play the scenario.

Gamemaster Type: (Gamemaster 1) the scenario is for you, who want to tell a story and be the

narrator. (Gamemaster 2) the scenario is for you, who want to create the physical environment

for the story, play bi roles and terrify the players.

About the author: Denise had her fastavalscenariodebut in 2016, and now she defiaently

returns with a novellascenario in the horrorgenre.

Language: Danish and english, (the scenario itself is only in danish, but the player materials are

translated to english)

Age: 15+ (but 18+ is recommended)

Please notice: knowledge about the Star Trek universe is not mandatory (neither the

gamemasters or the players)!