The Immune Squad

By Signe Bech Sørensen

What happens when the human body is attacked by sickness, injuries or other catastrophes?

Then the Immune systems police department will fight of the criminal germs, viruses and cells! As part of a newly established special force 3 white blood cells and a Panodil will have to heroically fight of an enemy, which we have all encountered. The flu!


Explore a world of murky intestine neighborhoods, car chases in the veins and interrogation of alien organisms, while evil gangster gems will have to be fought off as in James Bond.


Notice: Factual knowledge of the human body is not a requirement. (Neither for the GM or the player)


Duration: 2 hours

No. of players:  4 players + 1 GM

Tags: humorous action/investigation, storytelling, no system

Player type:  You like to challenge yourself creative as a storyteller. You can take the responsibility to create the good story.

GM type:  You can support the ideas and fancies of the players. At the same time you have to follow a time schedule and be able to create short intense scenes.

About the author: Signe is a scenario debutant at Fastaval. She thinks the human body hides countless of stories, which only waits to be told and explored.

Language: Danish

Age: 13 +