In My Place

By Terese M. O. Nielsen

Mum: I remember tiny fingers grabbing mine, and your eyes like dark blue pools of trust. Now you shave, and I don’t know where you are on a Wednesday night.

Son: I thought you knew everything. I thought you’d always be fair and care for me. And now you side with my teacher.

Dad: But if you would only think about it, you’d surely see that A-levels are best for you. It’ll give you so many more possibilities afterwards. Why don’t you listen anymore?

Daughter: I show you my favourite band and tell you about my favourite film – and you just frown. Of course you’re not gonna meet my boyfriend.

“In my place” is about the moments when parents and teenagekids realize that they are not alike after all. And about the temptation to go behind the back of a loved one – strictly in their better interests, of course.

You will be playing Mom & Son, Dad & Daughter and will build the characters and their conflicts in order to find out if their actions will be guided by care for the other person’s happiness or respect for their right to make their own decisions.


Duration: two hours, including warm up

Number of players: 4, playing Mum & Son, Dad & Daughter, and a GM

Keywords: novella, daily life drama, diceless, character- and conflict building controlled by player choice, exploration of consequences.

Playertype: You like to invent a character yourself from key words and choices. You like exploring conflicts of principles and how they show themselves in daily life.

GM type: You have a keen interest in your players’ process of creation and help them shape the shared story through scene setting and questions.

Language: Danish

About the author: Terese likes to play scenarios in far away, fantastic settings but tends to write scenarios set in Danish suburbs in the beginning of the third Millenium.