Killing me softly

By Cecilie Juel Greis Fakkelskov

“I’m just so tired.

So very very tired … and I’m tired of being tired.

I don’t have anything left to give.

I just want some peace. Peace from it all.

I’m sorry that it has come this far, but it ends now.

There is nothing that makes sense left anyways.

Forgive me.


Maja is sitting in the living room with her eyes pinned to the tv. Trying to shut everything else out. Staring blankly and trying to submerge herself in the show on the screen. Mom is on the couch. Empty bottles stands around her giving off an all too well known scent. To Maja it gives a sickly smell of failure and discouragement.

Mom stirs on the couch and Maja prays in her mind, that she won’t wake up. Won’t shout. Won’t make demands and ask questions. Not like yesterday… and the day before that. Tomorrow is yet another day. A day where nobody is going to speak of the things that are happening.

Killing me softly is a scenario about the story of a young woman and her struggle against an ever constant pressure. The scenario follows Maja through important moments in her life, making her journey towards a fatal point. One player takes the role as Maja and the rest plays the roles of Doubt, Guilt and Shame. The journey leaves Maja to be more and more taken over by her thoughts and the three feelings who never allows her the peace she so desperately seeks.


Duration: 2 hours.

No. of players: 4 players and one GM.

Tags: Gut-wrenching social realism. Powerlessness. Hopelessness. Suicide.

Player Type: You can handle more than one role and you like to read character descriptions. You like to play relatively set scenes and take part in filling them. You are ok with using physical contact and touch to express feelings. You would like to take part in a story with a downwards spiral.

GM Type: You cut and set scenes in a story which gets more and more sad and possessive, while you press for response in the quiet moments.

About the author: Cecilie won the scenario writing contest at last year’s Fastaval, which gave her a taste for more. She is making her debut this year with her first scenario for Fastaval.

Language: Danish

Age: 18+