House of Craving

By Tor-Kjetil Edland og Danny Wilson

His tongue traveled slowly up his stepbrothers cheek. “I don’t understand why I am doing this. There is something wrong with this place.” There was a sudden pause, and a look of horror in his eyes. Yet he still stared longingly at the stepbrothers body. The pause broke as he resumed his tender embrace and continued licking the ear.

Længslernes Hus - billede

House of craving is about a family that moves into a beautiful art deco mansion, down by a lake. There is a sinister turn of events, when the house begins to use the family to live out its perverted fantasies.

The scenario combines classical Fastaval freeform, where the scenes are played out with the body, along with physical touch, that emphasizes the feelings and desires of the characters. One of the players will play the house, which cannot speak to the others, but only communicates physically.


Play time: 4 hours

Participants: Five players and one game master

Keywords: Psychological Horror with physical and erotic elements

Game master type: Classical Fastaval game master, who frames the scenes, brings juicy descriptions, and touches his participants.

Player type: You want to delve deep into the darker sides of humanity, and you don’t mind close physical contact in the process.

The authors: Danny just wanted to write a lovely scenario about a family, but then Tor-Kjetil lured him into depravity.

Languages: English and Danish

Age limit: 15+