Af Frederik J. Jensen

Do you have what it takes to survive on Mars?

Join a team of colonists going to Mars. Be a Shepherd, Visionary, Explorer, Specialist, Scientist, or Inventor. You must be smart, tough, and passionate about Mars, and you will receive extensive training in the equipment you brought from Earth.

Travel to Mars to build a new future for humanity.

Face extreme survival challenges and science the shit out of a bad situation. Through teamwork, science and a bit of luck, you may succeed and stay alive.
Hard science fiction. No aliens. No machinery of gods. Just smart humans with a will to survive.


Duration: 5 hours

No. of players:  4 players + 1 GM

Key words: Mars. Survival. Science. Dice. Sandbox.

Player types: You daydream about going to Mars. For science, glory or to get away from your ex-boyfriend. You enjoy taking on extreme challenges, you thrill at making tough choices, and you push your luck when needed.

Game master types: You enjoy taking your players for a tour of another planet and explore a sandbox environment. You have read or seen The Martian and know who Elon Musk is. You like to put characters between a rock and a hard place to learn what they are made of.

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About the author: Frederik J. Jensen enjoys games with hard choices in a gritty setting. To create Mars to Stay, Frederik took an online course on How to Survive on Mars and re-read The Martian in Swedish.

Language: All text is in English. Groups can play the game in a language of their choice.

Age: 15+. Strong content may appear (pregnancy and bad ways to die).