Olsen Banden for ever!

By Elias Helfer

– I have a plan.

– Damned swell, Egon!

– Is it something to do with millions, and such?

– Millions? Oh, no. It has to do with something a fair bit more valuable than millions!

– More valuable than millions?

– Exactly! Much more valuable. It has to do with the very cultural heritage of Denmark! A series of very popular Danish films that have brought joy to young and old for generations! But an international consortium of film distributors and American film studios have decided to get rid of them in order to pave the way for more mass produced Hollywood blockbusters.

– Those bastards!

– Somebody ought to do something!

– Precisely. But don’t worry. I have a plan. Everything is timed and coordinated – it cannot fail! We need: five players, a game master, one classroom, a set of scenes and a deck of cards with different everyday objects to be used in unusual ways.

In Olsen Banden forever, you play your own Olsen Banden film! The game gives you the tools to create a story following the template of the films, and helps you make heists the way Egon makes them.

Please note: this game will unfortunately not be available in English, but only in Danish, and potentially in Swedish and/or Norwegian, depending on demand. It deals with a series of films originally in Danish, and later remade in Norwegian and Swedish. The particular cultural background of the films, as well as the very iconic and well-known language of the films, are an important part of the game, and would be mostly lost in translation.


Play time: 4 hours

Participants: 5 players and a GM

Genre: Olsen Banden, Heist comedy, Story game.

Player type: You have a fond relationship with the old Olsen Banden films, and would love to recreate the special mood of an Olsen Banden film. At the same time, you like telling stories and making things up, and have the courage to give monologues like Egon and Yvonne does.

Game master type: You are the director of the game. While there might be room for a cameo or two, you won’t spend much time in front of the camera. Instead, you will be guiding the game from off-screen. You help the players navigate the structure of the game, you coach players as needed, and make sure the players maintain the right mood throughout the game.

About the Author: This is Elias’ fourth scenario for Fastaval. Last year, he wrote about Shakespeare, who wrote 37 plays, all of them famous. This year he’s writing about a series of 14 films. He is considering writing about something more manageable next year. Maybe Lord of the Rings. Or the Dune Saga.

Language: Danish

Age: 13+