Out for Vengeance

By Thor Fejerskov Jensen

de hævn

The gunslingers 13 commandments:

  1. When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.
  2. Never beg another man.
  3. Punches are like bullets; always make the first ones count.
  4. If you wound a man, you’d better kill him.
  5. Never get between a gun and its target.
  6. The right bullet at the right time.
  7. If you untie a gunslinger, take his gun first.
  8. Never trust anyone.
  9. Accept all challenges, no matter the cost.
  10. When you start killing, you’ll find you cannot stop.
  11. Your past will always catch up with you
  12. Every gun has its own melody
  13. There are very few problems that can’t be solved with a Smith & Wesson

Out for vengeance is a scenario about revenge, treachery and honour among gunslingers. Three retired gunslingers come together to finally get the revenge they crave. Once and for all.

It’s a spaghetti western with silent, angry, spurned men with everything to lose.


Duration: 3-4 hours

No. of players: 3 players and 1 GM

Tags: Western, drama, storytelling, revenge, violence

Age: 15+

Language: Danish

Player type: You like a story you co-create with the other players.

Gamemaster type: You like to be a part of the story, and is able to convey an Atmosphere.

About the author:  This is Thors Third Fastaval scenario. When he isn’t a big nerd, he teaches history and film science at a high School. His greatest achievement last year was watching 392 movies… (Yes it’s a bit sad…)