By Denise Brødløs Færge

Once again an accurate description of the scientists is spoken, as the scene is played back once again. A woman’s trembling voice continues her tale of how the scientists observe her again and again. The slight mumbling amongst the scientist dies out, as one of them pauses the scene and states in shocked shortness “I think we have just altered time…”

Pastwatch is about a group of historians in a near future, who works at an institution called Pastwatch. The historians uses so called pastwatch machines to study and write down how history actually unfolded. A brand new model has just been installed, but unfortunately it shows up to have some consequent effects, which the team experiences. They will have to decide whether how to act on these.


Expected timeframe: 4-5 hours

Players: 3-5 players + one gamemaster

Genre: Future, sci-fi, alternative timelines, history, morales and dilemmas, responsibilities and consequenses of ones actions, research

Player type: You want to explore alternative timelines and go into depth with the psycological challenges that may follow.

Gamemaster type: You help your players, but never makes it too easy. Historical knowledge is a plus, but not a criteria. The scenario can be run both as a semi-live and as a narrating.

About the author: Denise loves the alternative exploration of a story and how a tiny twist can make a huge difference.

Language: Danish and English, for both players and gamemaster.