Qivittoq | Mountain Walker

By René Toft

Qivittoq | Mountain Walker is a scenario of myth, hunting and Greenland.
A mountain walker was a person who intentionally left the human community and went into certain death in the mountains, either because of shame, guilt, anger or insult. People imagined that mountain walkers eventually assumed animal-like traits and supernatural powers.

Qivittoq | Mountain Walker is the story about hunting. Four people hunting a polar bear through the stunning, rugged and treacherous landscape of Greenland. Hunting for a mountain walker who has made the area evil and erratic. A hunt for your destiny, for forgiveness and redemption.

Qivittoq | Mountain Walker is a scenario about the Greenlandic spirit, the mythological Greenland, where a woman can marry a shrimp, babies eat their parents, the man in the moon takes revenge by killing the whole village, the dead play ball with their heads in northern light, The Mother of the Sea calls the animals to her and men can transform into polar bears at will. It is talking animals, bad omens, evil spirits, abandoned settlements, haunted cemeteries and a battle against the elements. It is myth and legend come alive.


Run time: 4 to 6 hours

No. of players: 4 players and one game leader

Tags: drama, magical realism, Greenland, diceless tabletop

Player type: You like to indulge in broken characters and gut-wrenching drama, added a hefty dose of mythical distorted reality. There are many tough subjects (the loss of loved ones, rape, revenge, shame) that hangs heavy over this scenario, so players of a certain maturity is preferred.

Type of game master: The scenario is very much about the hunt and the characters struggle with and against nature, and therefore there is a need for a relatively traditional game master, who is good at facilitating players’ internal play and adding lots of atmosphere.

Languages: English and Danish

About the author: René Toft has lived seven years in Greenland and Qivittoq | Mountain Walker is his attempt to write an ode to this insanely beautiful, grim and mythical land. René has written roleplay scenarios for many years for both Fastaval, Viking Con and Saerimner, his latest being Werwolf also available to play on this year’s Fastaval.