Socialismo y Muerte

By Jorgo Kapow

“Let us say, louder than ever: Socialism or death!”
~ Fidel Castro, January 1989 ~

”We started wearing dirty clothes, ripped clothes, long hair. We met on a friend’s roof, because on that roof you could listen to the rock stations from Florida. That music opened a door for us.”
~ Vladimir Seballos in Radiolab: Los Frikis ~

”They kick me, they beat me, they don’t want me to live like a punk. They do all these things to me. And that means I’m gonna do something to them! Death is a door. When there are no more doors to open, death becomes a door.”
~ Papo La Bala, Radiolab: Los Frikis ~

Socialismo y Muerte is the story of a small band of Cuban punk rockers who, in the attempt to escape poverty, repression and hopelessness, chose to infect themselves with AIDS. Rather the slow death in the freedom of the sanatoriums, than an empty life in the shadow of Castro’s socialism.

Socialismo y Muerte pic


Duration: 6 hours – half for workshops, half for playing the game.

Number of players: 4 players, one game master

Tags: Political, physical, freeform, ensemble play, milieu characteristic, punk!

Player type: You like playing out things with your body and navigating in a straightjacket game design. You also like to improvise and turn brief moments into a coherent story. This is a game that gives much freedom to the players.

Game master type: Same as the player type. This is especially a scenario that wants game masters interested in political themes, so if you have a little SJW somewhere in there, come play!

Language: Danish

About the author: This time Jorgo is going to punk you! A story right in your face. Kapow! Myths and legends ooze from his stories, always with a deeper meaning.