The City and the Beast

By Mikkel Bækgaard

This is a complex scenario about a city seized by a furious beast. A city once rich but now stalled by fear of the fire breathing beast living somewhere out in the scorched mountains nearby.

For ten years the city of Mêsti Mêdena has been threatened by Šchlubemeer the beast. Fear and poverty is all that’s left after years of siege. Memories of wealth, rich cupper mines and beautiful cupper roofs haunts the citizens. And now – after ten years of isolation – the city is only held together by the steely determination of the city’s leading prince to protect the city from the flames of the beast. A determination which leads to tears, screams and cries for justice when the he has to do what’s necessary to calm down the beast.

The City and the Beast investigates the world of fear in both well established scenes and free improvisations. The players act out different characters from the city in the time before, during and after a group of horrified citizens goes out into the mountains to free the city from it’s opressor. But what happens when the beast is gone? Does fear disappear as morning dew in the setting sun? Or does it stick to the city as a suffocating fog until another night falls?

As a player you can look forward to an intense and brutal experiences which is about more than just a beast in a mountain. You can expect shades of grey, tragedy and maybe even a slightly hope for spring. Expect neither heroes nor bad guys.


Playing time: 4-6 hours

Number of players: 4 players + 1 game master

Tags: Socio realistic fantasy, freeform, changing roles, established scenes, free improvisations, sadness, shades of grey, lurking fear.

Player types: You like a tight story and changing characters. But you also like free improvisations , story telling and making up lot details and new characters during play.

Gamemaster type: As a gamemaster you should be able to cut the scenario as tight as possible and pace this long running game. But you should also be able to make well established scenes come to life and ask the right questions to the players when they’re supposed to improvise.

Language: The scenario is written in Danish but character descriptions are available in English. Can be played by english speakers but only gamemastered by Danish speakers.

About the author: Mikkel Bækgaard is one of Fastaval’s most experienced scenario writers. Most recently in his newest scenarios he has been investigating the horrible darkness of rural Denmark. But in this game he changes stage and genre and presents his version of a dark fantasy tale. And even though he normally dislikes fantasy, this is actually his second fantasy game in only a year – his short game Step by Step, also running on this Fastaval, is an experimental take on classic dungeon crawl.