The Endless, Empty City

by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

A distant future. Most of the earth and all life on it has been replaced by the City. Robots build still higher skyscrapers with metallic shines, despite no one there to live in them. A lonely figure wanders between the gigantic, hollow buildings. Past endless bridges, amidst thousands of electrical lights. She has been searching for another human being in aeons, or just some kind of hope for the future. Some day she will find what she seeks, but is it actually what she had hoped it would be?

“The Endless, Empty City” is an atmospheric narration/describing game about loneliness and the unfamiliar twosomeness that replaces it. About a small human in a grandiose and terrible city. The game has no dialogue or inner monologue from the characters. The player’s solely describe the City and the characters and imply their inner workings and feelings through their physical behaviours. “Show, don’t tell” in roleplaying form. Players play abstract concepts and feelings such as Loneliness, Hope and Decay.

The game has a simple plot based on consecutive scenes, but the focus is not on plot, but making the City and the characters come to life and creating and enjoying the mood of the game.


Duration: Just under two hours

No. of players: Three, plus a GM that is also a player

Tags: Science fiction, loneliness, post-apocalyptic, atmospheric, describing, narrating, no dialogue, subtle, structured freeform

Player type: For players that like atmosphere and describing. You are up for the challenge of telling a story without dialogue and playing with forms of narration

GM type: Game facilitator, that is, you have to explain the structure and warm-up. After that, you play on completely equal ground with the players

Languages: Can be played in Danish and English. Game master text only available in Danish

About the designer: Mads is often alone, rarely lonely. He almost prefer narrating, describing and storytelling to classical “talking” roleplaying