The House Owners’ Association

By Marie Skouenborg


” I think it is about time something was done about the filthy roadsigns in the neighborhood. I think it is a bloody disgrace,” says the elderly man from Autumn Avenue, upon entering the living room. He stands firmly with his hands on the hips and gazes at the other guest, impatiently awaiting an answer.

“One might say that one should leave such things to the proper authorities, since they have the responsibility”, mumbles the cashier from Penny Drive, while she rummages through the papers in front of her, only to be interrupted by the busybody granny from Butterscotch Road;

”You could pay some of the adorable children from the neighborhood to sweep the area with a nice bucket of soapwater and a sponge; then you would have it fixed in a jiffy”. She looks him straight in the eye and bobs her head eagerly as to convince him.

“We will get to all that later, surely, but first we have some more important things to debate”. The always congenial and smiling family man from Paradise Alley sets the fair trade coffee on the table and places a calming hand on their shoulders. And that kicks off the board meeting of the home owners’ association of Oakbridge Barton.

The scenario is about the four board members above, who are desperately trying to impose their will on the board meetings, while privately struggling with personal issues of sorrow, anxiety and loss. The four characters only knows each other in a superficial way, and there are caught in their specific manor of expression, body language and phrasing (I, One, You and We), and this makes them look rather ridiculous to each other, especially in the board meetings, where tempers run high. They simply have to get to know each other better outside the board meetings to gain more influence. But what happens with all their plans, ideals and conflicts when they suddenly know their opponents on a personal level?


Expected duration: 4 hours

Number of players: 4 + 1 GM

Tags: Suburban life, caricature, drama, struggle for power, sand box, body language, character exploration.

Player type: You are ready to be subjected to verbal and physical rules about how you can interact with the other players. You want to be an active part in creating the story, and you love to unfold your character during the game and explore the relations to the others.

GM type: You think it is fun to practice and enforce the physical and verbal restrictions in the scenario. You like to help set and cut scenes, while you are eager to support and strengthen the narrative the players create.

About the author: Marie lives in the suburbs near Copenhagen. The front yard is a mess and weeds and wild plants way are slowly overtaking the driveway. Marie does not know her neighbors very well at all.

Language: Danish and English for players and GM.

Age: 13+