The Intrepid Seven: A Space Colony Diary of a Septad

By Jacqueline Bryk and Evan Torner

Seven survivors of a crashed space colony ship scavenge the wreckage to build their new society. Fortunately, they have the help of their new spouses: each other.

The Intrepid Seven is a queer science-fiction game about the first seven days of the creation of new life and civilization by a group of seven survivors. The twist? These seven recently unfrozen colonists have just been placed into a hasty arranged marriage with each other, as is their culture’s custom.

The game explores themes of survival, the awkwardness of new relationships and the excitement that polyamorous newlyweds might feel toward each other as they change the world around them. Players take on the roles of characters socialized in a ritual-based future society very different than our own, and then proceed to play through seven short acts that let them explore their mutual passions for creation and each other.


Expected Duration of Play: Four hours

Players: Four to seven, with seven being the optimal number, plus one game organizer

Tags: Polyamory, Tradition, Ritual, Survival, Passion, Far Future

Player Type: You enjoy emotional intensity, constructive relationship drama, and openly queer content. You can improvise well.

Game Organizer Type: You can take the pulse of a game; you know when to intervene and when to stay in the shadows. You keep the pace and flow of play intact.

Languages: English

About the Authors:

Jacqueline Bryk is a freelancer, larpwright, and quaintrelle in the Eastern US who writes games about eschatons, family trauma, and social intrigue. She eschews pants whenever possible.

Evan Torner is a larpwright and theorist located in North America who has written several Fastaval scenarios, including Metropolis, Posthuman’s Progress, and Uwe Boll’s Big Gay Wedding (with Kat Jones). He wears a hat.