The Legends of Camelot

By Louise Floor Frellsen og Johanne Schilling

Heroes of legend in their own time.

The new and unfamiliar crown weighs heavy on Arthur’s young head. But he doesn’t stand alone. Queen Guinevere, Merlin, Morgana le Fay and sir Lancelot are both his closest friends and family and his most trusted advisors. They have all fought and dedicated themselves to and sacrificed ideals to put him on the throne and unite the nation under his rule. The hard decisions, however, are not all behind them. They have different visions and different passions.

The question remains, whose legacy will define

The Legends of Camelot

Alan Lee, 1984

Alan Lee, 1984

Legends of Camelot is an epic fantasy-scenario which lets the players collaborate to create their own legend. Whether it resembles something we know or becomes something entirely different is completely up to the players.

What you do in life, echoes in eternity!

The scenario builds on the common knowledge of Camelot, while the players are allowed to shape and explore how the heroes of legend were as people and create their own legend.

The scenario requires a lot of co-creation from the players, aided and supported by the gamemaster and the tools of the scenario. The scenario is played in semi-live and with a nod to the theatrical.


Participants: 5 players and one GM

Player type: Players who are willing to be active co-creators of a common story, find it interesting to explore, and challenge well-known stories and enjoy relational play.

GM type: The role of the GM in this scenario is to direct and support the players, focusing more on inspiring them, than on storytelling.

Genre: Fantasy, epic drama, alternative fiction, reinterpretation, Camelot

Language: Can be played and GM’d in both Danish and English.

Play time: 4-5 hours

About the authors:

Johanne loves Camelot-legends and is fascinated by the many different interpretations this story has seen in fiction. Louise just enjoys it when fantasy is used to deal with modern problems and classics are seen in a new light. They have been writing and roleplaying together for 10 years.