The Oath in the Garden

By Lasse Arnsdorf Pedersen

Eden i haven picThe year 183 marks the start of a bloody civil war in China.

Three young men meet up in a small teahouse in rural China. They have never met before, and no one feels like saying the first word.

The silence vibrates with excitement. At last, one of them utters in a low voice: “Something has to be done”

Another nods, “the Peasants are starving.”

“Then we go into the fields and help them harvest,” the third one says without thinking.

“I don’t think that will change the situation.”

The conversation goes on until the early hours of the night. The men talk about ideals and the problems facing China. In the end, three voices swear an oath of friendship and brotherhood forever after.

Oath in the Garden is a tragic story of brotherly love. The story has its roots in a civil war that took place in 2nd century China. Over a period of 40 years, we follow the friendship of the three men. The journey takes them from nothing to the height of power. Every scene in the story has 2 different moods. One is Yin, the slow and sensitive mood. The other is Yang, the direct and aggressive mood. The choice between moods is up to the players, but every choice has an effect on the direction of the scenes that are going to be narrated by the players.


Duration: 4 hours.

No. of players: 4 players and 1 GM.

Tags: Drama, Realism, Epic, Historical, Yin/Yang.

Player type: You want to play a tragic love story about friendship. In roleplaying, you enjoy both subtle and direct approaches to conflicts.

GM type: You are good at keeping track of the flow of the game and keeping track of mechanics. You are proficient in setting and cutting roleplaying scenes.

Languages: Danish for players and GM’s. English for players only.

About the author: Lasse is passionate about the human elements in the story. He believes that form and contend complement each other.